The Unbearable Versailles

The new President of France Emmanuel Makron publicly slapped the head of the Russian diplomatic slap in the face. Putin endured, but what’s next?

“The hour has come when it is necessary to bear the unbearable.” — said the Emperor Hirohito, announcing the surrender of Japan in world war II. Russian President Vladimir Putin are far from such decisions, but to bear the unbearable. he’s already witnessed. And it happened at Versailles, the beauty of which was appreciated them highly, but the result was unbearable.

Putin, in uncharacteristic style, rushed to Paris. And rightly so: it was time to save the relationship with France after the failure of their own bets on the presidential elections in this country. The fact of such rapid of the visit said that the guest was confident in the success of the business. It’s not someone there, and not alien to the Russian soul France.

But something went wrong when the French President Emmanuel macron in Versailles publicly slapped the head of the Russian diplomatic slap in the face. His words about readiness to decisively respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, strengthening sanctions in case of escalation of Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine, as well as marking of two Russian state media as “organs of propaganda” hit to hurt. Putin endured. For the sake of the meeting and the possibility of a dialogue. And endure, went to the Russian Church in Paris to put the candle.

I think that during a conversation with Him behind closed doors, Putin also had hard times. He is clearly faced with a man ready to call a spade a spade. A rare quality for European policy.

It is naive to believe that the young leader just snapped in retaliation for Russia’s attempt to prevent his victory. No, not broke. He outlined the foreign policy style of Macron of France: to go with the flow and not swim against the current, and to form for. Makron is aware of the responsibility for the fate of Europe and the interests of France, focuses on the Franco-German Alliance, shows determination in the statements and actions, ready to be counted transitions from stiffness to compromise and back.

These are first impressions. Then, as they say in Odessa, “we will see”. Life always brings about changes in the original plans and approaches. But it is obvious that the macron, which we saw in Brussels and later at Versailles, the European Union came at an opportune against the background of upcoming withdrawal from Europe of U.S. President Donald trump and Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. A macron is just as good for the Old world, as bad for Russia.

International strategy of Moscow has not the best times. Trump loaded with accusations of sympathies to Russia, about the “big deal” is not even in the Newspapers. He has fundamental disagreements with the EU, but he is one with him in a very hard Russian aggression against Ukraine. And the last statement of the G7 countries (people — Big seven) proof.

The EU realized that the transatlantic partnership is not eternal under the moon and need to learn to protect myself. Including Brakcet, populism, authoritarian tendencies in the region, the Russian cyber attacks and fakes. These challenges are mobilizing the EU, forcing them to seek new opportunities in the world and stick together when Russia is making so much effort to keep them apart.

Extreme right and left in the EU mastered a lot of Russian money, but never gave the result. By the way, the victory of the Macron in France is also a major defeat of the extreme right in the EU. A major, but not final.

In the Balkans Moscow’s failure to Montenegro, the middle East — the gloomy tunnel with no fuss brilliant victories.

And the saddest thing: Ukraine will not collapse, and the European Union still will not leave her. On the contrary, gives visa-free travel and does everything to make the Association with the EU became a reality. And the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, previously unnoticed in excessive optimism about the European prospects of our country, in General officially declares that “Ukraine’s future is Europe”.

Putin already accustomed to enduring the unendurable. Everything becomes less distinct the image of his total victory. But it is in any case not ready to admit defeat. There is still a gunpowder in powder flasks and currency in the bins, and therefore, there is still a lot of sharp turns and struggle. Including vain mentioned Putin and Anna Yaroslavna “Russian”. In fact, this episode more than the understanding of history. First of all it’s about understanding Putin’s future, which we must prevent, because there is no free Ukraine. And for this we need to continue to reform, to become stronger, and to be resolute in defending yourself and your choice.