With the beginning of the year to Europe via the Mediterranean sea profit more than 70 thousand refugees – UN

From the beginning of 2017, more than 70 thousand refugees arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean sea.

As Deutsche Welle reports, according to the office of the high Commissioner United Nations for refugees, published on 30 may, the lion’s share of migrants, nearly 60 thousand people arrived on the territory of Italy.

However, as of late may, the beginning of the year while trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach European shores have died or disappeared 1720 migrants. Compared to the previous year, the number of migrants who cross the Mediterranean sea, has dropped dramatically, but the number of victims remains high.

In the period from January to may of 2016 to the shores of Europe reached more than 200 thousand refugees, more than two thousand people during the dangerous journey died.

In the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees attribute the decline in the number of refugees closing the so-called “Balkan route”, and with effect from March 2016 agreement on readmission of Syrian refugees concluded between the EU and Turkey.