CNN (USA): new data U.S. naval incidents with UFOs

Washington — the Recently published “reports of dangerous situations” with information about the meeting of planes Military-air forces of the USA with “unidentified aerial phenomena” (unidentified aerial phenomena) contain details about the incidents in the air. They were the center of attention after the Pentagon last month was officially declassified and published videos of the three meetings.

“Unknown aircraft, apparently, is small in size, approximately as the suitcase, and color it silver”, — reported in the report on the incident that took place on 26 March 2014.

During another meeting a fighter of the naval forces F/A-18 “approached to a distance of 300 meters (1000 feet) to the flying object, but wasn’t able to accurately identify,” reads the report. It also said that the pilot of the naval forces “tried to reestablish visual contact with this aircraft, but was unable to do that.”

TV channel si-EN-EN had at its disposal documents security Center of the naval forces (Navy Safety Center) that previously were classified as “For official use”.

They appeared after the official publication by the Pentagon last month three short videos from “unidentified aerial phenomena”, which was previously published by a private company.

Initially, these videos were published on the website of the “Drive” (Drive), which is engaged in the automotive and military issues, and he got them in the query result with reference to the Law on freedom of information (Freedom of Information Act).

In these videos, apparently, you can see unidentified flying objects, moving fast in space during recording of infrared cameras. Two videos contain the enthusiastic response of the naval pilots about the speed of movement of these objects. One of them suggested that it might be a drone.

These objects could be drones

New published message, apparently, share this rating, defining many of the unidentified aircraft as “unmanned aerial system” (Unmanned Aerial Systems — UAS), and this is taken at the Pentagon the official name for drones.

As another message, in November 2013, the pilot of the F/A-18 naval forces “his eyes saw a small aircraft. Its wingspan was about 1.5 meters (5 feet), he was white, and other notable features it was not.”

“Because of its small size, this aircraft was identified as a unmanned aerial system” (UAS), — underlined in the message.

In the message about the incident on 27 June 2013, it is noted that noted “the aircraft was white, and in its size roughly corresponds to drone or missile”.

These reports stated that the military identified these objects as drones, but they are unable to install their drivers. However, such drones pose a great danger to the fighters of the naval forces engaged on training flights in the area, which is a restricted area off the East coast of Virginia, destined for training flights.

“After the flight control Department has appealed to numerous local drone operators, but none of them did not know anything about any unidentified aircraft”, — underlined in the message about the November incident.

“In my opinion, it is only a matter of time, if we talk about the probability of collisions in the air our F/A-18 with some unidentified drone,” says one of the authors of this message.

“In many ways, drones present a greater risk in the air than manned aircraft. They are often difficult to detect visually or with radar than piloted vehicles”, — underlined in the message.

There is also the likelihood that such drones can manage such a hostile power like Russia or China, trying to obtain information about U.S. military operations.

In the naval forces of the United States now have formal instruction that pilots must report when, in their opinion, they spotted some unidentified flying objects.

Videos of encounters with unidentified objects were first published in the period from December 2017 to March 2018 of the company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the founders of which is Tom Delonge (Tom DeLonge), who claims that one of its tasks is the study of information on unidentified aerial phenomena.

The truth is out there

The Pentagon has previously studied this kind of material on the meeting in the air with unknown objects in the framework of the now closed secret program, which was launched at the initiative of the former Senator from Nevada Harry Reid (Harry Reid). It began to implement in 2007 and, according to the Pentagon, shut down in 2012 after a conclusion that there are more important priorities that require funding.

However, Luis Elizondo (Elizondo Luis), the former head of this secret program, in 2017, in conversation with the correspondent si-EN-EN said he was personally convinced of “the existence of very compelling evidence that we may not be alone on this planet”.

“These aircraft — let’s call them devices — demonstrate the following characteristics, which have neither American nor any foreign aircraft,” said Elizondo, referring to the studied objects. According to him, he left his post at the Pentagon in protest of the secrecy surrounding this program, and also due to domestic opposition regarding its funding.

President Donald trump called recently officially published materials of the Pentagon, “amazing videos”, and in an interview with Reuters said he is interested in the question of “how real”.