He came, saw and won

If Donald trump for his alleged relations with Russia would do a great favor to Vladimir Putin, at least in the Persian Gulf, he does it. Because the ruler of Russia was the top winner in the global geopolitical struggle, in which the Kremlin has long looked like a loser.

To the sensitive middle East initiative trump the situation was as follows: Western sanctions imposed in response to the annexation of the Crimea, was to isolate Russia. The Russian economy has fallen, billions of Moscow’s stabilization Fund quickly burned. Syria is the last ally of Russia — the dictator Bashar al — Assad- was forced to defend, as it was on the verge of overthrow. During the bombing of Libya by the West, Moscow was outraged that the ruler Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in defiance of the UN mandate. According to the Kremlin, in Libya, there was externally orchestrated regime change. According to statements from Moscow, NATO is increasingly pushed into a huge Empire. Vladimir Putin was angry relations with the West darkened. For more than a year, the concept of “new cold war” in Europe remains a popular expression.

Today the situation is completely different — only partially because of the actions of the owner of the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin. And primarily because he adopted a tactic that he successfully used his rival Angela Merkel, and which now benefit him to wait and give the others to understand ourselves. This, coupled with several active and independent steps, again brought to a leading position in the global hierarchy, Russia has already been written off by historians, political scientists and some Western politicians. And its importance will continue to grow — including through the Trump.

Probably never really be proven the intervention of Russian hackers in the course of the election campaign in the USA in order to bring to power trump. As a suggestion, which still remains a topic only on CNN — like cybercriminals from Russia so falsified messages on the website of the news Agency of Qatar other Gulf countries because of this isolated little country.

But the fact is that the United States and Europe as passionately quarreled, and the Arab world. My first trip, the White house held in the Royal Palace of Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh trump enthusiastically praised despots, not realizing that because of my stubborn behavior, they often were the perpetrators of the riots in the region that was named “Arab spring”. While trump in Riyadh, Arab dancing sword dance, Western intelligence agencies accuse the leaders of Sunni Islam in the support of Salafi groups, funding radical mosques in Europe and the patronage of the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks at the world trade center in new York. But the financing of terrorists convicted Iran and Qatar.

His policies trump split the Arabs who actually wanted to unite against Iran. And it supports those who rely on the army, not on diplomacy, although Sunni Alliance under the leadership of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly won a victory in the fight for the dwarf from the military point of view, the Yemen. Even without the help of logistical and intelligence support of the US, UK and Israel.

Trump has kindled a dangerous flame, and Putin warms hands on it

When the West wanted to isolate Russia, China and Iran were on the side of Moscow. Since then, as the authorities in Cairo again got up military, Russia is again a welcome partner in Egypt. The current conflict in the Persian Gulf is driving to the Kremlin not only Qatar, which has already secured a stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft. Turkey, a NATO country, this debate has turned away from Europe. Anti-Russian sanctions have never touched a really important gas industry and the payment system Swift is not disconnected. The cowardice join the increasingly loud cries, even in the West, calling to lift the sanctions.

In Syria, Russia has strongly stood with Iran on the side of the dictator Assad, and now again has become one of the decisive forces in the Arab region. Turning away from Europe, Turkey has long been sees Russia as a close partner. Iran firmly on the side of Moscow.

China, which trump insulted by their attitude to climate change, already a close friend of Putin. In Libya, Russian energy companies have long again firmly established, and politically much more closely interact with the new regime, than European competitors. The Gulf countries currently politically separated themselves. And trump can’t turn away from Russia when we are talking about finding partners in the fight against international terrorism. Today about Putin you can say a variation of the quotation of Julius Caesar: he came, saw and won.