Trump completely stopped accepting Syrian refugees in the United States

The US President Donald trump has prakarti indefinitely the admission of Syrian refugees into the country, and froze for 120 days program of accepting refugees from other countries.

Relevant instructions are contained in the decree on the “extreme selection” of immigrants, who, according to trump, intended to prevent the country “radical Muslim terrorists”.

“The entry of Syrian nationals as refugees is contrary to the interests of the United States, and I freeze the entry until the time when I decide that there have been significant changes […] allowing the admission of Syrian refugees in conformity with the national interests”, — stated in the text of the decree published shortly after his signing.

The decree States that the USA suspended the program of reception of refugees for 120 days to ascertain the effectiveness of existing rules. Also, the text notes that the United States will accept no more than 50 thousand refugees in the 2017 financial year, the priority will be given to refugees persecuted for religious reasons.

The main provisions of the decree:

— completely stops the program of reception of refugees from Syria,
— accepting refugees from other countries suspended for 120 days
— U.S. will introduce mandatory interviews for visas to enter the country
— it is planned to accelerate the creation of biometric systems to control the entering,

Trump signed a decree immediately after the inauguration of General James Mattis to the post of Minister of defense.

“We want to let into our country only those who support our country and dearly loves our people,” said trump at the signing ceremony, which was broadcast on American TV channels.

Details of the decree leaked to the press in the beginning of this week. Media reported that in addition to the interruption of the reception of refugees, intended to introduce a moratorium on the entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries (Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria), however, the decree mentions of specific States, with the exception of Syria, no.

Also in the decree no details of a plan to create “safe zones” for vynuzhdennykh displaced in Syria, reported by the American press.

In addition to the decree on the migrants, trump also signed a document on “the great restructuring” of the armed forces of the United States, which gives the start of the development plan “of new aircraft, ships, resources and tools for our men and women in uniform.”

As reported by the administration of former President Barack Obama, last year, the U.S. has accepted about 10 thousand Syrian immigrants.

For comparison, Canada, whose population is nine times smaller than its southern neighbour, over the same period placed in its territory 35 thousand new arrivals of Syrians.

During his election campaign, Donald trump has offered to close tightly for Muslims entry to the States as long as “our people will not understand what is happening.”

However, after winning the election rhetoric trump softened, and he never repeated this thesis in public.