How much the new tariffs should watch TV, go to the toilet and take a bath

In Ukraine in March 2017 year, according to the decision of the national Commission No. 220, again more expensive electricity. If consumption more than 100 kWh each kilowatt will cost of 1.68 hryvnia, the hryvnia instead of 1.29. In addition, at the end of the heating season, as experts predict, may increase gas, and with it, hot water and heating. The website “Segodnia” find out how much in 2017, the Ukrainians will have to pay for the use of the “benefits of civilization”.

The volume of a standard bath – 350 litres. To take a bath, residents will have to pay about 29 USD (one litre of hot water costs 8.3 cents). Approximately 30 liters of water, Ukrainians spend on washing your face and brushing your teeth daily is about 2.5 hryvnia. Going to the toilet (cubic meter of cold water costs of 13.43 UAH), provided if you installed a standard toilet tank with a volume of 6 liters of water costs 8 cents.

About 20-30 liters of water every day Ukrainians spend on cooking (if using cold water, which is about 30 cents). According to the regulations of supply, the average resident of Kiev for a month requires 4.5 cubic metres of water.

Until March (at the rate of 1.29 UAH per kilowatt) for one hour enabled TV’s average power will cost 64 cents, and after Mar – 80 cents. Read a book under the light bulbs with 100 watts will cost 12 cents to the price increase, and 16 after. The average computer with monitor wound electricity at 38 cents to the price of 50 cents after revising the tariff.

The price on the “blessings of civilization”:

  • Take a bath – 29 UAH
  • Wash in hot water – 2,5 hryvnia
  • To go to the toilet – 8 cents
  • To cook – 30 cents
  • Watch TV 1 hour – 80 cents
  • Read a book under the light of a Desk lamp 1 hour, 16 cents
  • Spend an hour at the computer – 58 cents

*Calculations made assuming that the monthly electricity consumption exceeds 100 kWh