Sometimes I allow myself the evening a glass of juice

Two weeks ago I received a message from the publisher Herder-Verlag that is relevant about the plan of the publisher included the book of Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Frank-Walter Steinmeier — biography”, called the book. The authors — scientists “Dr. Torben Lucien” (Dr. Torben Lütjen) and “Dr. Lars Geiges” (Dr. Lars Geiges).

Usually academic rank in the indication of the authors are omitted. But in this message, the publisher has found it necessary to specify the full title of biographers. Probably to show how faithfully they approached their task, and to eliminate any suspicion that we are talking about cheap effects.

One can only wonder the courage of the publishing house Herder. From the point of view of biography, Steinmeier the case is not simple. The craziest thing he ever did in his life is that he announced his candidacy in the elections of the German Chancellor. Unfortunately, this idea quickly failed. None of his speech which would be transmitted as worthy of remembrance. There is not even any memorable statements. When he once raised his voice because he was disturbed by a couple of bullies, it became a sensation, which was reported by all media.

But perhaps somewhere in this life between business folders and conference rooms sleep not found the treasure, which we don’t know yet. In fact, this biography is already the second attempt to introduce the policy of Steinmeier as a magnet for the audience of German readers. The first attempt was made eight years ago. “His career is so incredible that in the history of Germany there is similar” — so said last time.

It made listening even professionals in the Metropolitan editions: what did we miss? Maybe Steinmeier was secretly preparing a coup against the rule of the party that became known only now? Maybe he’s actually a bigamist, and, maybe, he, like king George the Fourth, was prone to severe stuttering?

Nothing of the sort. “The Republic had already seen many steering power, quiet brokers policies, which are in the background pulling strings of government Affairs. However, only Frank-Walter Steinmeier has hit out at the centre of national policy”, — explained the necessity of publishing the publication. So message to arouse the maximum interest. They’re in the Herder publishing house can do, to their credit.

Genre biography politicians thriving

I don’t want to say anything bad about Frank-Walter Steinmeier, really, nothing. I like people who fully give themselves to the work. In this I am no different from most Germans. A lot of people appreciate our Minister of foreign Affairs not despite the fact that it radiates boredom, and just because. Boredom means reliability. But what makes man, whose whole life has passed between events and acts, to suggest that his life was so exciting that the Republic required his biography? Could I now argue that it is difficult to have something against biographies. In principle, this is true. But a modern book about the policies created in cooperation with those for whom they write, and not against them.

That most politicians are little seen but politics, they can not be blamed. Generation of the recovery was behind a war, it is difficult to say something. For those who now take up Ministerial posts, the most exciting event in my life was intrigue on the district party conference in Worpswede (Worpswede). And yet the genre of biographies of politicians is booming. Everyone who took some post, can rely on the fact that there is a journalist to describe the milestones of his biography.

First of all, politicians from Lower Saxony became, it seems, a kind of the subject of the biography. There are already two biographies of Ursula von der Leyen (Ursula von der Leyen), a few about the Christian Wulff (Christian Wulff), the period of his life before moving to castle Bellevue. Even a poor Philipp rösler (Rösler Рhilipp), the most impressive achievement of which was the fact that he’s two and a half years remained at the head of the Free democratic party, and he got a biography.

Since the recognition in any Scam disappears, not to mention truthful assessments of the political staff, there is only the banality of good. For example, about Wolfe now know that he is still during his studies at the University at parties were the ones who kept a clear head, then to deliver the car at your friends home. A cozy evening in the family circle? “When I finish work, I go home, sit some more time at a Desk, watch TV or drink a glass of juice.”

The real mystery is how much it will cost the publisher to publish such daily. If the hero of the book has provided friends who will buy a part of the circulation, then the calculation can still be justified. And if there are none? In the case of those earmarked in the Federal presidency, one can only hope that the mercy of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (the political Foundation of the German social-Democrats — ed. transl.) or the Federal centre for political education (Germany).

Biography Steinmeier will arrive on store shelves on January 25. In early December, the “almost-President” has warmed up the market with a book on his foreign policy experience. The book is called “flight recorder” (“Flugschreiber”). Main idea: “Germany’s Role in the world is changing. We need to take on more responsibility, but not for ostentation of his power, but because we grown”.

At the end of the book is the most popular politician of Germany is recognized in “Flight recorder” that before takeoff he willingly allows himself one gin and tonic. Still not juice.