The number of people infected with coronavirus falls: a briefing by the head of the Ministry of health

Maxim Stepanov talks about how in Ukraine are quarantine measures

Maxim Stepanov at a daily briefing said that over the past day recorded a decline , the rate of infection by the coronavirus. Minister of health talks about, as is the situation today.

Ukrainians 60 days living in conditions of quarantine restrictionswhich were imposed by the authorities in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus.

11 may some of them be softened, but according to economists, these little breaks will improve the economic situation in the country and the life of the individual citizen.

Recall that the quarantine was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers on 12 March in connection with the rapid increase in the incidence of Ukrainians COVID-19. It was expected that the quarantine will be lifted after three weeks, after 2 APR. But he, on the contrary, became more rigid, as cases are increasing, there are more than 15 thousand people.