Brit is going for 80 days to travel around the world on a bike

British athlete mark Elite is going to do a round trip on the bike, spending a total of 80 days, reports “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” with reference to the Guardian.

It is noted that to pedal it will be 75 days, the remaining days will leave for a flight and force majeure.

Daily Elite plans to drive 240 miles (386 kilometers), the total length of the route is 18 thousand miles (about 29 thousand kilometers).

A cyclist starts on 2 July in Paris, where he will travel to Beijing through Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Mongolia. After China Elite will come to Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

“I’ve dreamed about this for many years. It is the culmination of the last two decades, from the time when I a boy of twelve was riding a bike in Scotland. I would like this journey to give confidence to people to challenge their abilities, so that young people in particular stopped and thought, “well, look like my 80 days?”, he added.

Previously Elite has already made a world tour by Bicycle in 2008 he broke the world record, traveling around the world in 195 days. The current record was set by new Zealand athlete Andrew Nicholson in 2015, when circled the globe by Bicycle for 123 days.