Hamshahri (Iran): Putin’s rating dropped — guilty of the coronavirus?

According to some estimates the level of popularity of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the end of April amounted to only 59% — a figure that, in itself, perhaps rather big for the current policy. But, nevertheless, she looks low for the current President of the Russian Federation. It is the lowest in last two decades — so low that Putin’s rating has not dropped never. In addition, he became significantly less in comparison with the previous month, March, when it was 63%.

News Agency “ISNA”: Agency, citing REUTERS, reported that conducted the survey, known in Russia the center for sociological research “Levada-center”, has warned — perhaps the result was affected by non-standard methodology of the survey. The survey in the current conditions of the quarantine had to be carried out remotely.

The center explained that the survey was conducted from 24 to 27 April this year, it was attended by 1608 people.

In a pandemic coronavirus and quarantine measures this survey was conducted by telephone. Also, as noted by the Deputy head of the Levada center Denis Volkov, this method of survey could give an error of 1-2 %.

But wolves also noted that, even taking into account this uncertainty, the rating of 61% would still be the lowest for the incumbent President of Russia. About this figure was only in 2013, i.e. a year before the triumphant annexation of Crimea to Russia.

The current President of Russia is currently 67 years old. He has nearly 20 years he is the head of the country, including 3 of the presidential term and also the period of 4 years, when Putin held the post of head of the Russian government. He triumphantly passed the last presidential election in 2018, however the current situation related to pandemic caused by the coronavirus and the cause of economic difficulties has proved to be a major challenge, and a challenge not only to economic but also a political plan.

Mortality due to pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, in Russia, at the moment, is one of the lowest among all countries affected by the outbreak COVID-19. However, at the same time, the number of cases Russia has moved to 5th place in the world. The number of people infected continues to grow, which probably exerts its influence on the rating of the incumbent President. In addition, the Russians are said to be unhappy with the restrictive measures imposed by the government, and reluctantly they comply, unlike pedantic Europeans. Possibly these circumstances had a decisive influence on the situation with the rating of the President.

One way or another, but only the further development of events in Russia will show whether this reduction of the usual numbers, President random, related only to the circumstances of the pandemic, or have more serious causes.