Zelensky posted a baby photo and congratulated Ukrainian women on mother’s Day

The President also posted a photo of his family

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated women on mother’s Day , and published his family photos. Congratulation published on the official page in telegram channel President.

“Mom. The first word spoken in life. Mothers give without reserve all his strength from our first breath. That they kiss the feet of the baby before he takes the first step. They are tightly holding hands when learning to walk. They kept our “do Not want a hat,” “do Not go to school,” “You understand nothing!” Patiently waiting for a call, knowing that we’re busy work. Do not take offense. Take offense, but continue to love us. For nothing, without reason, simply because we are their children. To them we are going in the difficult times to hear such an important “All is well”.

And only becoming parents we understand how much work, patience, and love is a happy childhood.

Call your mother every day! Say how much you love her every day! Thank her every day!

And today, on mother’s Day, find a special word. That smile never left the face of a loved one the whole day!

I thank his mother Rimma Vladimirovna and his beloved Elena. I was lucky to have two women whom I can safely call the best moms in the world.

I sincerely congratulate all Ukrainian mothers!

Be healthy and always have a reason to be proud of themselves and their children!

Happy mother’s Day!” – wrote the President.

We will remind, the President’s wife Elena Zelensky initiated a great conversation with the Ukrainians about accessibility. Project partners were the Ministry of digital transformation and the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.