How to profitably sell a car: the pros and cons of “trade-ins”, free car ransom and Commission sites

Sooner or later every motorist comes to a thought: isn’t it time to sell your horse? The purpose of the sale may be different. Someone planning to take the car a class above, we have to change car for family wagon, someone wants to buy an electric car and start saving on fuel. And someone any machine is too expensive — and he wants to just start saving. It happens that urgently need money or a car for whatever reason are not on the move…

Situations are many, and each can choose the most effective solution. And you do not have to do a thousand photos, throw them on different sites and waste your time in meeting with curious townsfolk. It is sufficient to contact the dealership which deals in used cars, or to drive the car for a Commission area.

Word of mouth, Newspapers or websites shareware ads plus regular trips to the market — that’s the standard set of tools with which a person can sell his car. Often it’s costing the seller a lot of time because you need to prepare your car for sale, to meet and interact with dozens of people to ride with every potential client in a HUNDRED, and from each then wait for the proverbial “we’ll call you”. The benefit of independent sales is that you likely get for the car as much as you want, less any bargaining. However, this does not always justify the time spent and effort.

Today the market of cars with mileage offers owners of machines, several variants of so-called civilized sales that allow you to leave their “iron horse” quickly and without a headache for the owner. It avtovykup, “trade-in” (a program of exchange of old car on new) and receive a used car on Commission. At the same time for your car is quite possible to get good money: the fight for customer car dealerships and used site reduce markdowns to a minimum.


Most often, the person sells the old car to soon find a replacement. Do it today, is what is called on the spot. More and more salons offer t customers with a service as a trade-in (from eng. trade-in item is handed over in payment for a new).

“This is a replacement of an old car with a new surcharge, if necessary, — explain in a press-service of UkrAVTO Corporation. — While a new car may not be new in the physical sense: the customer has the option to choose to replace their machines are also a used car, just a class above or below. If you have selected more affordable car, the difference is paid to the client. If he didn’t have enough money for a payment in the showroom on the remaining amount, you can arrange a hire purchase or loan from banks-partners.”

“The advantage of selling pre-owned program “trade-in” from official companies is that the car is purchased at market value at the time of the client, — says marketing Manager of the group of companies “AIS” Alexander Kislyuk. — Of course, minus the cost of materials and labor for the restoration of faults or damage, if any. Typically the dealership has a service station, where diagnosis and evaluation of the car.” In many companies for customers who purchase a new car under the program “trade-in”, such diagnostics are free. There are also various bonuses: for example, the cost of buying a used car is increased to 5%.

“And on procedural aspects for the sale of old and purchase of a new car a person can go just a few hours time”, — says Alexander Kislyuk.

Why do car dealerships give buyers as many “candy” on the program “trade-in”? The answer is quite simple: due to the bonuses upon redemption of the old car interior is also driving the sales of new machines. Thus, explicitly or not, but there is a slight markdown.

“Large companies at the expense of diagnostics and other manipulations “reset” about 5% of the market value of car, small may earn you up to 10%,” warns the specialist in working with the media dealers Association of cars with mileage Oleg Divaduck. The expert cites a number of factors that can affect the final cost of buying the car: not only is mechanical damage or cosmetic defects, but even the number of owners, the degree of deterioration of the interior or the scents that it contains.

A FEW “IF”. Is the game worth the candle? Subject to a few conditions — of course they should. For example, if you want not just to sell, namely to change cars. If you’ve found the salon that you like. If your machine is on the move, does not require major repair not listed as wanted and is not in pledge at Bank. “Our experts check all the documents for each car — said Kislyuk. So he was not involved in the collateral, and third parties with no rights of alienation. That did not appear in the database of stolen cars, or those who have a car accident and can be taken as compensation of damages or payment of compensation. Also checked numbers of a body and components, the performance of all instruments (including the odometer), check the service history of the car. It is normal practice — after all, the car we buy from the client for resale”.

File. On each car checked all the documents.


Those who want to quickly sell your car and get it “live” money, the doors in the showrooms are also open. If the company uses “trade-in”, it also usually offers the customers such services as avtovykup.

“In recent years, the service is “free” to purchase the car, with no obligation to buy in the salon for a replacement, is becoming increasingly popular, says Kislyuk. — Avtovykup on the number of requests already ahead of several “trade-in”. And this is natural, since today the ratio of new car sales and used cars is 1 to 7. The program “free” foreclosure valuation process and directly purchase a car takes up to one hour of time, and the money is transferred to the client or paid out in cash immediately after signing the contract of sale and the renewal of the document of title”.

In large companies say that the price of the free redemption will also be close to the market.

“Now the competition in the used car market is high. Therefore, the seller has the sense to contact several companies to find the best offers — advise in UkrAVTO. — At the same time, the majority of clients, evaluating your car is focused on the sale ads of similar cars on different Internet resources. But, as practice shows, the real transactions take place at prices that are significantly lower than the original desires of the customers.” “A reduction in the free foreclosure process on average 10-15%, depending on the machine status, its liquidity and the popularity of models on the market, as well as from the greed of the one who redeems it, says Divaduck. — The car can literally find fault, as you leave the salon money to offset the other car, and take them.”

However, even this reduction is still cheaper than, for example, services of pawnshop (of course, if you don’t plan to take car back). They are now able to offer clients a maximum of 60-70% of the value, and check the collateral no less carefully than the dealers. To look for alternatives makes sense if your car was seriously damaged in an accident, needs repair or there are some problems with the documents. Then you should apply to companies that are engaged in the direct purchase of vehicles. “We buy any car, — said the Manager of one of these firms Milota Ivan (name changed). — Consider not only pledge, but also those who are under arrest. Take the old car after the accident and in poor condition. If you want — I can even discuss the sale of the car without documents.” The price of the transaction, of course, far from the market, but this is the only way to sell a broken car is not for scrap, and a little more expensive.

But experts advise not to apply to such companies without a specific need: “Since the adoption last year of the law on stimulation of development of market of used goods, buybacks of used cars in the market became much more, — said Kislyuk. — However, increased the number of scams and unreliable companies that can be a problem in the future. Namely, they can not pay the promised amount for the vehicle may be required to pay different fees for the preparation or processing of documents, for the diagnosis and evaluation of a car, or not to pay the money for the car. In this case, the client may simply be left with nothing”.

Write-down in the process of free foreclosure could be as much as 10-15%.


If you want to sell your car, but do not rush to change to new vehicles, and the money you need is not urgent, feel free to take the car for a Commission area.

“Commission trade allows you to get the best price offer, — the project head auto ZOOM Artem Knoroz. There is an axiom: if you want to buy or sell a car in a short time, you can always lose money. But if you have time, you can always find a suitable buyer at a reasonable price.”

“Unlike programs autorepayment and “trade-in”, when you transfer the car to the Commission, the client sets the price. As a rule, it is always somewhat overstated, but we are starting sales price of the seller, — says Executive Director of “furious 7″ Catherine Kryzhanovskaya. — Further, when receiving proposals from potential buyers, we declare the owner of the car, all the options specifically for his car. And he decides whether he wants to concede or not.”

Of course, any price should be reasonable: if the machine that is the market average of $10 thousand, the client wants $13-14 million — Commission area, most likely, will refuse to cooperate. But there are situations when a car fails to sell without bargaining, and the owner receives exactly as much as they wanted.

“The main advantage of Commission platforms before the sale is the constant flow of real customers, explains Kryzhanovskaya. Is not a single buyer who will of fate found your car on site free of ads to the site people come with a specific purpose to choose a car. This means that the item is exactly where looking for him. However, this aspect of the work dictates its terms to customers. For example, we do not take Commission on a machine that is not on the go — primarily because it is not interesting to our customers.”

Everything else, even a minor damage to the car, is quite valid disadvantages. They can only serve as a pretext for bargaining with potential buyers. It turns out that you sell cars almost themselves, but to you “reach” only really interested in buying people. Pleasure, of course, not free: the average fee sites take 2-3% of the transaction amount.

“We have a fixed price — 3 thousand UAH, which we receive upon sale of the machine,” says Kryzhanovskaya. “There are commissioners that include the cost of services payment finding a car at the site, says Knors. — This can’t be correct: if you have a business selling cars, you don’t have to earn in the Parking lot”. No more overheads client, as a rule, does not bear even the inspection of the machine conducts at his own expense a potential buyer. “We don’t do complex inspection of the technical condition of the car. But, at the request of customer, can drive it to the service station and to be present at the inspection,” explains Kryzhanovskaya.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure (arrived, left the car, wait for the client) the owner of the car should be very careful when choosing a Commission agent and signing documents.

“As a rule, involves two contracts — the Commission and the responsible storage of cars. Plus the act of acceptance-transmission, and in the interests of the owner to make sure the condition of the car was described as fully as possible. This can later become a tool of defense if with machine something happens,” advises Knoroz.

As for the legal “purity” of the car, then the requirement is only for the owner.

“If the person does not own a car according to the registration certificate, it must be a power of attorney with the right of sale, says Kryzhanovskaya. — All other “trouble spots” during the time of the transaction of purchase and sale will identify either the notary or MVD”.

On the court. A service charge of 2-3% of the transaction amount. Photo: Igor Zarembo/TASS


When selling your car official company that runs organized and legal field, it makes sense to give the car a “marketable” according to certain rules. About the features of a pre-sale preparation “Today,” said the Director of SRT “AUTOCOMP SERVIS LTD” Ruslan Kulagin:

  • Is to determine the price that will suit you. For this you need to open a couple of well known sites selling cars and see the price of a similar car (a particularly important year and engine size). You need to understand that the dealership, which values its reputation, will never buy something that you will not be able to sell. The salon will offer 10-30% below market, but in return you get the time saving and the security of the transaction, therefore, it is possible to bargain or to contact several dealers.
  • Worry about the service book (service history the car). All buyers love to see maintenance was according to the regulations, and for repairs also spend money. If there is no service books, you can request a HUNDRED service history of your car — in the form of printed orders or electronic.
  • Wash and vacuum the car must. First, this is a small cost and effort. Secondly, it will make a good impression. But I do not recommend to wash the car under the hood is unsafe (if perform unskilled, may suffer electrical, electronics, plastic, radiators, etc.). It can even alert the dealership (might have been major repairs, as washed, or have a leaky engine — washed away leakage, etc.) Under the hood can be simply wiped with a damp cloth readily available plastic parts. “Marketability” also attach washed the rims or the hubcaps, clean the floor mats in the cabin. If there are coffee stains, dirt on the seats, the ceiling should do the cleaning of these places. You can make antibiotic treatment salon — it will take away the odor.
  • The weaknesses of the car you known. Recommend to remedy deficiencies and to repair the car only if the costs are small (up to 10% of the potential value of the car). The motor show will be produced by careful diagnosis, and you need to understand that the cost of major auto repair (e.g., engine overhaul, or a full body painting) will not be refunded to you in proportion, and the price will remain within the market (minus the mentioned 10-30%). But if all the flaws of the car with a small fixed cost, you have all the chances of getting the maximum price. As a rule, later the dealership does not invest significant funds in the repair of the purchased car, and calls the deficiencies to the potential buyer, and the repairs of the car.
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