5 ways to refresh your skin after the festive binge

1. Iron mask

More specifically, aluminum. Out of the usual foil 10 ovals, about the size of your face. Make holes for eyes. And put it in the freezer.

In the morning take out the mask one at a time, hold tightly to my face and replace as they heat. The effect will please you!

2. Tangerine mask

Use a couple of tangerines, in the morning they’ll come in handy. Put them in a blender along with the peel and add a bit of sugar. Whip until smooth and apply on the skin. Vitamin C will help to activate metabolic processes, the skin becomes more supple, radiant and fresh.

3. Chamomile mask

Brew chamomile boiling water, and when cool, send in the refrigerator. In the morning, dipped in the decoction of cotton pads and put on the eye — lids rise!

4. Potato mask

RUB on a grater of fresh potato and apply the pulp on the face. After 20 minutes the redness will go away and the swelling will significantly decrease the starch will do the trick.

5. Cucumber mask

A classic of the genre, but the relevance is not losing! Dehydrated skin will gratefully absorb the juice and will become more smooth and homogeneous, redness will decrease or even disappear altogether.

Source: cosmo.ru