Germany is in a new phase of a pandemic: Merkel appealed to Germans

In Germany, the coronavirus has infected nearly 170 thousand people

Residents of Germany should continue to adhere to existing epidemiological rules, despite the gradual lifting of restrictive measures. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking on Monday in Berlin.

“Germany is in a new phase of the pandemic. It will be important in parallel with the relief measures to ensure that citizens fulfill the basic requirements – to keep my distance, wore protective masks. This is very important,” said the Chancellor.

Her statement came amid a series of protests against epidemiological measures. Saturday such demonstrations in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt / main, involved thousands of people. In the capital there were no arrests because the audience were tailgating. A week and a half before that – on may 1 – the call of leftist groups to take to the streets led to a spontaneous mass demonstration.

In the whole of Germany banned the mass event. Recently allowed to gather on the agreed with the authorities on political action. The number of participants of these demonstrations varies from region to region in the range from 50 to 100.

In Germany, the coronavirus has infected nearly 170 thousand, 145 thousand have recovered. Over the past day the number of new cases increased by 357. Died from the effects for the time of a pandemic 7.4 thousand. The pace is slowing, the Federal land slowly lift the restrictions. Merkel already said that the first stage of the pandemic behind.

Earlier it was reported that the European Union should be ready for the second wave.