The EU Council adopted conclusions on the Eastern partnership policy

The document refers to the Eastern partnership policy after 2020

The EU Council adopted conclusions on the Eastern partnership policy, which last year was exactly ten yearsfor the period after 2020, confirmed its strategic importance and joint commitment to a common area of shared democracy, prosperity and stability.

This was reported on the website of the EU Council.

The Council welcomes the significant achievements of the Eastern partnership to date and confirms the approach based on incentives and conditions, as a means of promoting the Eastern partnership countries to continue reforms and capacity building efforts.

“The Board confirms that the current policy framework, including the “20 results by 2020″, is effective and brings tangible results and benefits to people. The Council also underlines the importance of the future of the Eastern partnership as a more strategic, ambitious, flexible, and comprehensive framework for cooperation that allows members to work together to solve common and global challenges in a wide range of areas, particularly in the current unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic COVID-19”, – stated in the message.

Also, the report indicated that the Council of the EU looks forward to the next summit of the Eastern partnership.

It is expected that it will consider the results achieved since the last summit in 2017, approved the long-term political goals and ways of further strengthening and deepening the cooperation, and will also be given the mandate for the preparatory work on the next results after 2020.

Recall. earlier former representative of Ukraine to the EU and former Deputy head of the Administration of quintuple Kostiantyn Yeliseyev told the “Today” why Ukraine has no prospects in the European policy of “Eastern partnership”until she agrees its actions with Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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