Died suddenly hero of the Maidan, which was captured in the famous picture

Participant of the revolution of Dignity and the well-known artist Taras, Bilchuk August 14 have died prematurely in the Rivne region, the press service of the Rivne regional state administration.

Taras Bilchuk in 2007 he returned to Ukraine from the USA. Pictures of Bilchuk sold around the world, his work is in the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, France, Paraguay, Sweden, Poland, England.


  • Died a famous Russian actor

In the winter of 2013-2014, Bilchuk became an active participant of the revolution of Dignity, having survived the first crackdown on November 30. Then the artist received a concussion. Also, Bilchuk survived the terrible events of 18 February. A man with okrovavlenny head was captured in the famous picture, which was widely cited in hundreds of media outlets around the world during the Maidan.

A man holds a famous picture. Фото:reportazh.com

In 2016, the anniversary of the revolution of Dignity, courage and patriotism Taras Bilchuk received from the President of the order “For courage”.

Bury Taras Bilchuk 15 August in the village of Korshiv (Rivne region).