Crime — new right black

While black people are constant victims of relentless white racism, the police should not pursue them, and juries should not make them sentences, judges should not determine their punishment, schools should not punish them, and the white victims should not complain about the crime and violence blacks who gush over the edge.

So today, the legislators, scientists and, of course, the reporters, seeing it as a recipe for “improving our system of justice.”

Another Maxim of this sort was made a few days ago from the mouth of a former Federal Prosecutor and current law Professor of Georgetown University’s Paul Butler (Paul Butler), who all laid out on the shelves for racially unenlightened:

“If you come to the court of the district of Columbia, you have the impression that white didn’t commit crimes,’ said Butler. White don’t do drugs, do not fight and do not steal, because in court you can only see African Americans”.

Before you rush to send their children to school to Butler at Georgetown (or if you don’t believe there are so incredible in its absurdity statement), you should listen to the rhetoric of this Professor Emeritus in the video Racial Jury Nullification at Georgetown Law (Georgetown law faculty, the abolition of racial sentencing jury).

Butler will never see in Metropolitan court, those African Americans in the Washington metro turned into a bloody mess of the white husband of one of the leaders of the National public radio (NPR). I wrote about this in the pages of American Thinker, but NPR didn’t mention it at all.

Will not find Butler and those blacks who attacked the producer of NPR’s from Kentucky, arrived in the capital on business. You can find details about this case in the bestseller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry (Not angry black youth). But not NPR programs.

Yes, Professor, the crime rate of blacks in Washington gush over the edge just as in other American cities. And even more.

Butler says that in America there are two judicial systems: one for whites and another for blacks. He proposes to remedy this injustice by providing racial jury veto power over court decisions rendered, and thus give new rights black crime. “I urge all jurors to refuse to convict, if they believe that the police or prosecution in a particular case crossed the red line,” said the Professor.

In support of their statements, Butler cites information from the National Institute of health, who notes that blacks and white use drugs in equal amounts, but blacks are arrested and condemned many times more often than white addicts.

What we wanted to prove. Racism in the courts rude, but if you do not see, then you too from the camp.

This is the greatest lie of our time, and here’s why.

National Institute of public health and others who repeats this false claim, use the information gathered by the census Bureau. Sometimes, instead of filling in the questionnaires the census Bureau goes home and asks the residents some questions, including whether they use drugs.

When this happens, black and white answer is essentially the same, and in the same amounts.

This is called voluntary provision of information, and it boils down to this: can we trust drug addicts, can you believe that they are telling the truth about yourself and about the drugs? The short answer is no. But there is a long answer. When do you check people out, doctors can say that there are two indicators of the truthfulness of the person answering the questions about drug use. The first indicator: how long he is out of prison?

And the second indicator: black is your Respondent?

Yeah, that’s what the doctors say.

Here is a brief excerpt from the research materials cited by the author of the book Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry:

Doctors from Johns Hopkins University actually found out what happens if the to check the reliability and validity of the responses of blacks about the use of marijuana and other drugs. In Baltimore, Maryland, they conducted a survey of 290 African-Americans who are treated for hypertension. The survey showed that they reported information on illicit drug use is not always truthful and reliable.

Only 48 respondents admitted to drug use, while urine tests showed that drug addicts among them, 131 people. So when people voluntarily reported information about the number of drug users was 16 percent. And tests to 45 percent. So. There are other studies.

According to scientific medical journal Addictive Behaviors, surveys were conducted of black and white respondents on the subject of cocaine use. When their results were compared with urine samples, it was found that cocaine users are African Americans (for objective test results) up to six times less likely to tell the truth about their habit, rather than white.

In translation it means the following. When black or white poll, they are equally misleading about the use of cocaine. And when they are checked, it turns out that black cocaine six times more often. And lie about it.

And here’s something from the scientific journal: “In this study also identified indicators of inconsistencies between the voluntary provision of information and analysis of hair. Race was the most visible indicator of the differences between people, and the actual use of drugs.”

“Even with all other factors between the voluntary provision of information and analysis of hair in African Americans was detected more inconsistencies than others. These results correspond to previous research.”

“In conducting extensive research among young people (aged 9 to 20 years) there has been concealment of information about the use of cocaine based on urine test. Compared to white cocaine users are African Americans (for positive test results) up to six times less likely to tell the truth about using cocaine, taking into account all other factors.”

It is unlikely that this is something new. Ask any policeman what happens when they stop black people for one reason or another, starting with a routine check of a driver’s license and ending with a murder investigation. “99 percent say we’re doing this solely due to the fact that they are black”. About it for the last five years I in one voice told dozens of active and retired police officers.

What Butler seeks, already exists in many cities. It has its own name: the jury in the Bronx. These courts, composed of black jurors tend to convict black defendants. Even Hollywood superliberal David Simon (David Simon) was forced to acknowledge it in his published in 2013 book:

The influence of race on the judicial system is widely acknowledged as prosecutors and lawyers, as well as black and white, although in court this question comes up very rarely. But the racial question still tacitly present in court. It impacts almost every jury of 12 people who sit in the conference room of Baltimore.

Once there was something out of the ordinary. A black female lawyer, speaking with the concluding arguments before the jury, which only had black, showed his hand and said under the indignant whispers of two white detectives from the peanut gallery: “Brothers and sisters, I think we all understand what the essence of this case”.

Beauty salon in Cleveland one black client was furious, yelling at management that tried to calm her down. Then she began to beat her, and beat until the police arrived.

And then she posted a video that quickly gained popularity. “I can not do so, she said. — I’m black… And you white, and you don’t know shit”. A few days later a group of protesters staged a rally and reminded reporters that hands against a black woman is illegal, no matter what cause. Even if she’s trying to Rob you.

In Philadelphia, the national Association for the advancement of colored people demands that the district attorney has prosecuted a businessman of Asian origin, who pursued and then shot and killed a black robber with a knife who tried to escape — and with the money of the businessman.

The national Association for the advancement of colored people, along with hundreds of parents and various organizations from across the country asking the question: why should the armed people should protect themselves from blacks with bad intentions? It’s like the story about the sister who said that it was impossible to shoot at her brother Rob’s house: “Where else will he get the money?”

Or another story about parents criticizing the employee of Pizza Hut for the fact that he shot their son when he tried to Rob the place. It’s not his money, anyway — the insurance will cover it.

Crime became the new right and the norm for blacks.

In Jackson, Mississippi, a black city Council member, said that African-American leaders of this city should call his countrymen “to throw stones, bricks and bottles” at police if they pursue black criminals. “This will give them the signal that they do not want us here,” said he.

This member of the city Council also wants the taxpayers of Jackson paid for all that is stolen or robbed blacks. Then itself will be no need to police harassment of “kids” who committed the crime.

Believe it or not. But if you don’t believe, watch this video: Crime Is The New Black Entitlement (Offence is the new black right).

Next stop is Madison, Wisconsin. A black pastor, formerly at the University of Wisconsin, and today sitting in court, repeated the thought leader of the city Council of Jackson about the arrest of black criminals. “I think you just can’t bring proceedings against people who commit theft at WalMart, — said the judge of Dane County by the name of Everett Mitchell (Everett Mitchell). — I think that this network, like all other chain stores with insurance, should not use this as a justification for aggressive police action”.

“They do it all the time, to justify police brutality against our children,” said the judge.

Police brutality in the past year have become a hot topic for Democrats during the election campaign. Bernie and Hillary tried to outdo each other in sympathy for the unfortunate blacks to criminals with their heavy fate. Hillary insisted that “without sufficient reason” in prison is more black than white. Bernie loved to walk about the racist police, which exceeds his authority.

“We need to end the practice of excessive policing in the African-American neighborhoods, said Bernie during the debate, Democrats in Milwaukee. — Actually, the black and whites smoke marijuana at about the same amounts. But blacks are arrested for marijuana four times more often than whites.”

This is also a big lie. But thousands of reporters and government employees willingly repeat it, although there is no hint of the truth.

Now head to Philadelphia to hear judge Wayne Bennett (Wayne Bennett) who has a blog Field Negro. Bennet recently read a column by the great Thomas Sowell (Thomas Sowell), where he is talking about a humble contribution of yours truly in the black crime and journalistic denial.

Sowell wanted to understand how the crime could be the new black right. Bennett has provided an explanation: the white deserved it.

“How to be cruel nor behaved black kids against white people, it will never be able to fully compensate for the violence that throughout the history of our country did white vs color”.

This man could become a worthy companion of former U.S. President and thousands of other people who worked for him and turned into a norm of racial hostility between black and white.

Schools have become one of the most active fronts in the fight for the right crime as blacks. For eight years, the Obama administration warned school officials across the country that there is no difference between black and white children in matters of behavior and assessments.

Therefore, any difference in the behavior and academic performance can be caused by only one cause: white racism.

Consequently, the school ceased to call the police, when they committed the offense type, drug use and vandalism. To replace the police came restorative justice. What is it? Much talk and many promises never to do.

The mayor of new York last week ordered the city schools to “stop to record” what school officials call minor offences, such as drug use and other misconduct.

The reason for this known to all teachers and administrators in American schools. Black students are the victims of white racism in the classroom, which forces teachers unreasonable for them to complain about. As a result, they give them bad grades and often suspended.

No more of that.

The list of officials to designate the crimes of the new law black, very long, and constantly growing. In Kansas city the people loved their mayor Emmanuel cleaver (Emmanual Cleaver), which he named after his high-speed freeway.

Now he’s a Congressman and active member of the organization of African American legislators “Black Caucus”. All the members of the Caucus at one time or another stated: blacks and whites commit the same number of crimes, but blacks are arrested more often. The reason was that in areas where black people live, too many police.

“Get the police out of neighborhoods inhabited by blacks, and place it in the white neighborhoods. You will see that crime rates are the same everywhere” again and again they argue legislators.

In Kansas city blacks in large quantities and with a regularity RAID on an entertainment center Country Club Plaza. There they arrange fights, smashed shops and mess it up.

During one of his visits to his hometown cleaver told a local reporter that he was against the imposition of a curfew, which outrages the black crowd in the Country Club Plaza will be outlawed, because “many black kids angry”.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the bestseller in Amazon’s “Not angry black youth”.