In France the number of deaths from the coronavirus has increased to more than 26 thousand

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in hospitals died 16 497

The number of deaths of patients with coronavirus in France, where the Senate passed a bill extending a state of emergency in the country until 10 July, up 26 230 per day recorded 278 deaths. About it reports the Ministry of health of the Republic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in hospitals died 16 497 people in the nursing homes and other medical and social institutions — 9 is 733. With a coronavirus in hospitals there are 22 724 patients, which in 484 less than the day before. 2 868 patients are in the intensive care unit. In the last 24 hours in the intensive care unit was sent to 89 patients.

The Metropolitan region of Ile-de-France and the regions of the Big East, Auvergne — rhône-Alpes and eau-de-France accounted for 72% of all hospitalized. In the French overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Martinique, reunion and French Guiana) hospitalized 105 people, including 25 in intensive care units. The most difficult situation on Mayotte, where the number of patients is increasing.

For workers in the social and medico-social institutions, for those who worked in the 33 most heavily affected departments, the award will amount to 1.5 thousand Euro. In other departments it will amount to 1 thousand euros. In total it is allocated 700 million euros.

Since the beginning of the pandemic has recovered and left hospital 55 782 people.

Earlier it was reported that French brewers will pour out 10 million litres of beer because of the coronavirus.