Five amazing facts about coffee

After waking up, one of the first thoughts of an invigorating mug of coffee. Before the working day you want to Wake yourself up and the body as quickly as possible. The whole world drinks coffee almost every second person for a day, drink on average three cups of this drink. Some people do not drink coffee, but flavored drink is so delicious that it is hard to refuse, writes

We drink coffee every day, but do not know some facts about your favorite drink that may surprise you.

1. Caffeine increases our endurance and athletic strength. Athletes do not abuse this drink, but as it turns out, coffee affects the metabolic processes in the muscles. It turns out that coffee also affects the fat burning process, forms correct structure of the muscles. Thanks to a mug of coffee can temporarily get rid of appetite, but it is not useful to the body.

2. Coffee a positive effect on the brain cells of the neuron. Scientific studies have shown that coffee improves concentration and attention.

3. Drinking coffee is addictive. When this process occurs, which leads to a decline in the influence of coffee on the body. If previously coffee like that could aggravate your health, after getting used to coffee is minimal negative impact.

4. Scientists have proven that our dependence on coffee is inherited. Maybe someone in the family has the same course as you.

5. The caffeine content in coffee depends on the variety. You should pay attention to the label. There are teas, which are caffeine content more than traditional coffee. When they take a certain kind of coffee, we probably noticed that the mood and reaction is always different.