Rai Al Youm (United Kingdom): that is, in the body of the Arabs and lack of people in the West. The reason for the immunity of the Arabs to the coronavirus?

The society of the engineers of Jordan has published part of the study, which explains the increasing resistance of the Arabs before the coronavirus unlike the inhabitants of Western countries.

On Sunday, the President of the Society of Ramsay Food made a statement, posted on the Association page in Facebook: “the Coronavirus is the coolness and peace for the Arabs in the middle East.”

He pointed to the results of a study conducted by the Society under the direction of Walid al-Suwayda, Hazem Haddad and their teams, which was presented as part of the work of the Fund for scientific research Ministry of higher education of Jordan.

According to the data obtained, the middle East, the Arabs possess a single nucleotide polymorphism (genetic SNPS), which distinguishes them from inhabitants of East Asia and Europe and allows their body to actively fight the virus.

As explained Fouda, the Arabs in the middle East in the pulmonary cells АСЕ2 protein is present in a ratio of 1:1000 compared to East Asians and Europeans. According to information on the Bioinformatics website, the virus attacks the receptors present on the surface of lung cells ACE2.

The authors give the following example: “If a single virus is associated with pulmonary cell of Arab middle Eastern origin, with pulmonary cell inhabitant of Eastern Asia or Europe will be bound 1000 virus-free. In other words, the immune system will be much easier to resist the least number of viruses.”

According to the President of the Society of the engineers, the study took as a basis the fact that the flu virus in East Asia and Europe, sometimes deadly, and in the Arab countries of the Middle East it is considered completely normal disease.

In addition, were taken into account Israeli statistics for the purpose of comparison with the population of Arab origin in the West Bank, as they live in the same environment and the same geographical space. There is a big difference in the number of cases of infection and mortality, since the genetic basis of the virus had changed and mutated.