How to increase the yield of tomatoes: the secrets of proper molding

Tomatoes in greenhouses produce better, less sick and affected by pests. But you need to correct their form. In the greenhouse, mainly planted tall or indeterminate varieties. They are not verschatse, forming lianovidny shoots, and bloom until the first frosts. Outdoors these tomatoes are grown on supports and form 1-2 stem, removing all the laterals — the secondary side shoots. The same type of forming used in industrial greenhouses: tomatoes are in 1 stem, removing all shoots growing from the axils of the leaves, and the leaves below the trusses of tomatoes.

But in a small greenhouse this scheme of landing is not always justified. To get plants stronger, need thin fit. A slightly more sophisticated care for these bushes pays off the fact that to achieve the same crop you can grow less plants.


Planted seedlings in a greenhouse, where night temperatures in the building begin to exceed 12-13 degrees, and the soil warms up to 10 °C. If the seedling grows, stretches, and there is no possibility of additional heating of the greenhouse, you can also cover the plants, putting over the beds arc with agrotextile. They are removed when grown bushes no longer fit in the shelters. Tomatoes are tall varieties and hybrids planted under the scheme 80×80 cm and even 100×100 cm Immediately after rooting their tie to the support and wrapped twine around clockwise. Securing the twine on the stem of tomato under the lower leaves, it is necessary to leave a margin in the diameter of the loop 1-2 cm: the stem will thicken, and twine should not interfere.


As tomatoes suffer painful moisture on the leaves, form the trunk, visibaba the first 3-4 stepson from the lower sinuses. The trunk height of 20-30 cm will not allow the spray of irrigation water get on the leaves and fruit, causing the development of late blight and burns, and the plant will be much better ventilated. The next 2-3 stepson not removed and when they reach sufficient size, fixed on the separate strands of twine. The twine bent to form an open crown. Following the shoots on all the stems of the plants are removed.

Stepson is better to break down when it reaches a size of 1-2 cm, lateral movement, leaving a stump height to a few mm. to do This, because dense plants suffer from fungal diseases, poorly lit and ventilated fruit longer to ripen and accumulate less sugar. Also, remove all the leaves growing inside the Bush, and all the leaves that are below the brushes. Of course, it is not necessary to carry out the procedure of forming single. The ideal is to remove 1-2 leaves per day. When the tomato reaches the roof of the greenhouse, pinch out the growing point of a plant is its top. In any case, brush and flower buds are removed for 30-35 days until the end of the growing season. Usually formed by 3-4 stem of tomato in the greenhouse manages to give 25-30 hands per season, 2.5—3 times higher than the norm of 10-12 brushes are usually grown on plants that are in one stem.

Also, try not to overdo it with nitrogen and organic fertilizers: they contribute to the rapid growth of green mass of tomatoes and reduce the overall yield of the plant.