Sports, TV, cooking: what classes Ukrainians dedicate free time in quarantine


Sports, TV, cooking: what classes Ukrainians dedicate free time in quarantine

Fun, creativity and learning in forced isolation

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Today, 16:33

And again, watching TV has become one of the most popular activities, because many Ukrainians in connection with the quarantine had to find classes that help you to relax with benefit and pleasure.

What the people of Ukraine are watching on TV and what other classes spend the unexpected free time?

Television shows, series, movies

To distract from problems and to share the positive mood of Ukrainians helps television content. Even a temporary closure of cinemas does not interfere with the viewers to enjoy the interesting news from the world of cinema. On the popular platforms are new TV series and cartoons that they watch adults and children.

In light of recent events, many users even decided to replace their old device for a brand new LED TV Sony, a huge OLED panel LG or unusual QLED new product from Samsung.


The results of sociological surveys indicate that physical activity in connection with the forced self-isolation appeared in the life of even those Ukrainians who never showed interest in sports.

Easy exercises, gymnastic exercises of varying difficulty, and even strength training – this is the secret of rich, interesting and useful leisure.


Never kits diamond mosaic and paint-by-number was not so popular. The same applies to kits for knitting, cross stitch and beading.

A creative individual with power of enthusiasm went back to drawing with pencils and paints. Did not remain without attention and musical instruments.

The development of beauty practices

Since Ukrainian women tend to look great even in quarantine, they went for training:

  • make-up;
  • manicure and pedicure;
  • self-massage;
  • the creation of useful masks at home.

In the course went video tutorials, webinars and various thematic guides from the gurus of the beauty industry.

Culinary arts

The emergence of a large amount of free time was also a motivation to improve culinary skills. The people of Ukraine have been able to learn at home to prepare meals from small cafes, vans with street food and popular restaurants.

Of course, there are in the “Arsenal” of Ukrainians and less useful, but fun and exciting classes quarantine: for example, Board and computer games, listening to humorous podcasts, chatting with friends in a new format that is in the distance.