Russia has set a new record for the number of infected COVID-19

In recent days in Russia 11 231 confirmed case of coronavirus

Yesterday Russia climbed to fifth place in the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the world. Today in Russia set a new “record” for the number of new infected. This is evidenced by the Operational headquarters for the counter-COVID-19 in Russia.

So, for the last day in Russia confirmed 11 231 case COVID-19. As noted, this is the highest figure for the time of the epidemic.

As of 10:45 on may 7 in Russia recorded a 177 160 cases of infection, died 1 625 people, recovered – 23 803. Note that more than half of the infected in the country – the inhabitants of Moscow. Today in the capital of Russia from 92 626 cases died 905 people.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that in reality the cases COVID-19 more than were able to detect with tests. For screening studies, they are 2-2,5% of the total population of Moscow, or about 300 thousand. However, he noted that hospitalization is a “stable”, today discharged patients more than hospitalized.

“However, we understand that the pandemic is not stopped, it develops, unfortunately. We must be prepared for different scenarios”, he said.

Also in Moscow today decided to oblige to wear masks in public transport and in public places. In Kiev, for comparison, this rate is valid from the beginning of the quarantine.

Source: stopmanager.Russia

Earlier it was reported that the Russian government has recorded two cases of infection with coronavirus.

So, COVID-19 was diagnosed at the head of the Russian government Mikhail mishustina, the Russian Prime Minister had to go to the isolation.

Later it became known that the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova contracted the coronavirus.