Results: figures and events


31 times over the past day illegal armed groups violated the truce. This was reported by the press center of staff ATO.

Decreased by 13 thousand since the beginning of the year up to 65 thousand children in queue in kindergartens, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. According to him, by 2020 it is necessary to liquidate the queue in kindergartens and 2017 need to create 25 thousand jobs.

408 208 first graders this year will go to schools across the country, said the Ministry of education. Most of them in Dnipropetrovsk region – 34 767 people.

32 cases of corruption in state enterprises as at June 30 NABOO detectives and prosecutors of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office sent to court. The total size of the object of the crime in these cases reaches 2.4 billion UAH.

$ 300 million may be the cost of building the country’s first concession road – Kiev – White Church. This was announced by adviser to the acting Chairman of the state Agency of automobile roads of Alexander cava. Construction work could begin in 2019 and last until 2021. The construction of the road will be solely at the expense of the investor who will be eligible for 25 years to operate the road and charge tolls on it..

327.3 million dollars was in July net sales (excess of sale over purchase) of foreign currency by the population through the banking system. According to the NBU, the banks sold foreign currency in cash to the population at 502,8 million dollars and bought for $ 830.1 million. First year the Ukrainians were sold to banks already at 1,802 billion more foreign currency than bought.

To 1421 UAH fell in July the cost of minimal food basket for able – bodied persons in the decline was the first since the beginning of this year, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. Experts believe that the decline happened due to the seasonal cheapening of fruits and vegetables.


9 million users have used the mobile app and online banking Privat24. Soon they can become much more, because in October, the app will open to customers of other banks.

More than 28% in the first half at an annual rate of exported agricultural products – by 8.7 billion dollars, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. The increase in exports occurred in all categories of agricultural products. The share of agricultural products in Ukrainian exports is about 43%.

187,8 thousand tons of sunflower seeds were exported in marketing year 2016/2017 (September 2016 – August 2017), the rate was highest in the last five seasons, said the Agency “UkrAgroConsult”.

Increased by 23.3% in July on an annual basis, tax revenues from big business to 18 billion UAH, said the SFS. Out of this amount UAH 8.4 billion was the revenue from the tax on the added value of 5.4 billion from the excise tax, 1.3 billion from income tax.

29.2% more than in January-July on an annual basis, of produced pipes made of ferrous metals, thousand tons 602,9

Fell by 21.4% in January-July year on year production of coke – to 5.95 million t. However, in July issued 906 thousand tons, whereas in June – 864 thousand tons According to the Association “Ukrkoks”, coke production gradually restored, because the demand for it.


10 years have passed since the formal beginning of the financial crisis, whose consequences in the form of extremely weak economic growth the world is experiencing to date. August 9, 2007 French Bank BNP Paribas announced that it would suspend the activities of the three investment funds associated with the mortgage market in the US. This was due to the rapid deflation of a bubble in the mortgage market. Since the early 2000s, these loans are generously distributed to Americans with low incomes and bad credit history, after which their mortgage was sold on the market, inflating the stock market.

4.6 billion dollars for the same amount recently made a donation to charity bill gates, who on these goals 64 million shares of Microsoft Corp. Since 1994, gates and his wife gave to charity about $35 billion stocks (at their price at the time of donation) and cash.

Rose 0.6% for the second quarter of Eurozone GDP, the annual iscelenie growth was 2.1%. A special joy of European officials is the fact that the Eurozone economy continues to grow, despite disagreements with the United States and risks involved in Brexit. Moreover, taken separately, the British GDP grew in the second quarter and two times slower – only 0.3%.