A slap in the face to Putin: Lukashenko will hold a parade on may 9 in Minsk, despite the coronavirus

Lukashenko decided to intercept card Putin, in Belarus military parade is traditionally carried out on 3 July, not may 9

Ukraine will not hold mass actions in Day of memory and reconciliation on may 8, and victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war on 9 may. In contrast to Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko said that just can’t cancel the may 9 parade, and invited all the heads of States of the former USSR to come to Minsk to see the fireworks and concert. No invitation had never been accepted, including Vladimir Putin, over which the laugh of the Belarusian media, they say, are stuck in a bunker and never going out. But pass by such an event, on the background of the cancelled parade in Moscow’s red square, the Russian propaganda machine just couldn’t.

The website “Today” to understand what is behind the action Farther: trying to outdo Vladimir Putin or PR campaign ahead of presidential elections.

Pandemic coronavirus broke the plans of the Kremlin. For the first time in 25 years of may 9 Victory day parade on red square in Moscow will not. Officially, this decision Putin took on April 16 after access to the Russian veterans ‘ organizations. But formally, all and so understood that to hold the parade is dangerous. While many European countries have passed the peak incidence COVID-19, Russia even came on the so-called plateau. Now only in Moscow for a day infected up to 6 thousand people.

The Victory day parade may 9 in Moscow, according to the Kremlin’s plan was to be the crownof the transit authority. First, on 22 April it would take a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the main of which is the nullification of presidential terms of Putin, so that he could rule Russia forever. But to consolidate all of this was the may 9 parade in Moscow to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory, as they say in the Kremlin, in the great Patriotic war.

But the coronavirus shifted “Immortal regiment” (procession, in which participated Putin) and the March of soldiers and the movement of military equipment on red square and completely abolished. However, according to Putin, something on 9 may in Moscow will be the same.

“The sky of Russia in the parade, saluting the heroes, take a aircraft, modern combat aircraft and helicopters. And in the evening in city centres is bound to be a traditional fireworks,” – said Putin.

For our article , “Why the may 9 parade in Moscow risks becoming a may day demonstration in 1986” Ukrainian experts skeptically commented on the possibility of cancellation of the parade of “paleobase”. But surprised not even Putin’s decision to cancel the may 9 parade. The climax of absurdity was the decree of the master of the Kremlin about moving the date of the end of the Second world war on 3 September. And all anything, the propaganda machine did its job of convincing people that it should be, if not for the decision of Alyaksandr Lukashenka to hold a parade on may 9 in Minsk.

Russia reacted sharply enough. Day on all Russian TV channels told what mistake does the Man, they say, is medicine in Belarus worse than in Russia, and the number infected with the coronavirus after such a parade, will increase dramatically. In the “game” became one of the main mouthpieces of the Kremlin propaganda, the head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “We condemn in the strongest possible way all who go to Minsk. This is unacceptable, this is a mistake and a crime on the part of Lukashenko, and in this crime, we should not participate”.

The answer had to Lukashenka personally. During a visit to thetest site of the NAS of Belarus of 5 may, the old Man advised Russia to try to criticize the US or China, but attacks in the direction of Belarus called envy. According to him, in Russia for 1 million inhabitants held of 29 thousand tests, in Belarus – 22.5 thousand, and in the United States – 22 thousand in Belarus for three months ill the same (almost 19 million), but in Moscow only three days. While earlier pandemic coronavirus Lukashenko called a mass psychosis, and quarantine in the country and not imposed. By the way, the parade on 9 may in Minsk criticized the who and the EU.

“As for our Eastern brothers… If there is some jealousy, the rejection of our events, as they slowly reacted to everything, not just Telegram-channels, yesterday (may 4 Ed.) already a leading Russian channel responded, with sheer lies. It is a fake from the “First” state of the RF channel. What they were saying? Low test, etc. I think that today (may 5 – Ed.) with the President of Russia we will discuss many of the issues. He’ll call me at 17:00, asked for a conversation,” – said Lukashenko.

A telephone conversation between the two presidents took place. But gave his administration of Belarus and Russia in different ways: in Minsk, have focused on the parade, in Moscow on “some issues of cooperation in the framework of the Union state“, which remained on paper. Effect and the approaching date of the presidential elections that will be held in Belarus, most likely in early August.

According to the analyst of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Igor Tyshkevich, the parade may 9, Lukashenka, on the one hand, wants to give the Russians a monopoly on this date, on the other, Lukashenka shows that the Belarusian government is confident, even against the pandemic, because the opinion polls show a significant portion of Belarusians the cancellation of the parade will perceive as a defeat for the authorities.

“Lukashenko – it is policy, where mixed external and internal policies. On the one hand, in 2020, Belarus will have presidential elections. On the background of a few failures of the Russian initiatives towards Belarus, the elections should be expected of information attacks from Russia, which, by and large, are already long enough. On the other hand, Russia itself has created for himself an icon in the form of holiday may 9 – this “paleobase”. Against this background, Lukashenko decided to intercept card. After all, I should remind that Belarus is a military parade is traditionally carried out on 3 July, not may 9″, – told the “Today” Igor Tyshkevich.

The head of the Council on foreign relations, “the Ukrainian prism” Gennady Maksak believes the motive for the parade in Belarus the formation of a positive agenda for the electorate by ideology and not Economics.

“The parade for the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war has several components for the Belarusian leader. Lukashenka himself has repeatedly said that this action is deeply ideologized for the population of Belarus. Especially for older ages. Given the presidential elections in Belarus, the Belarusian President it is necessary to form a positive basis for his electorate, which in the current economic environment is not particularly pampered with additional financial and social support. The Belarusian economy and without the influence of coronavirus is not in the waking state. The Russian track in the history of the parade, rather, additional. Although the transfer of the pride parade in Russia was Farther gift, which was given the opportunity to speak in a positive light for the preservation of historical memory”, – said Gennady Maksak.