Scientists told why you need to eat at least one avocado a day

Eating one avocado a day is enough to improve cognitive health, the study showed, according to

The use of one fresh avocado daily can lead to improved cognitive health in the elderly by increasing the level of lutein in the brain and eyes, as shown by research scientists from Tufts University. The authors observed in 40 healthy people over the age of 50 who consumed one fresh avocado per day for six months. All noted an increase in the level of lutein in 25%, and also significantly strengthening working memory and decision-making skills.

Every day the participants of the experiment used one avocado of medium size, and the authors of the study observed for a gradual increase in the content of lutein in their eyes, as well as progressive improvement of cognitive skills with the help of special tests that measure memory, speed of information processing and level of attention. In contrast, in the control group whose members did not use avocado, no special improvement of cognitive health during the observation period was found.


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Lutein is a pigment that is often found in fruits and vegetables, and when ingested, accumulates in the blood, the eyes and the brain. Inside man, he can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant.

The results of this study suggest that monounsaturated fats, fiber and other bioactive components make avocado are particularly effective to improve the rate of lutein, which is useful not only for eyes but also for brain health, as stress researchers. In one medium avocado contains 369 mcg of lutein. Scientists emphasize that it is necessary to conduct additional studies to determine whether it is possible to repeat the results of this experiment with the consumption of half or one third of an avocado a day. The participants in the control group should be given one medium size potato or one Cup of chickpeas instead of avocado: chickpeas and potatoes provide the same with avocado the amount of calories, but they contain almost no lutein or monounsaturated fats.