Conscription, Afghanistan and the struggle against NATO

Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist (Peter Hultqvist) and the government re-introduced universal military service, this time for both men and women. This may seem positive, but if you dig a little, it is universal in the solution of military service not so much. It is about 13 thousand of 100 thousand of persons of military age. They will involve military training, and then they will choose another four thousand, which will give a basic military education.

The basis of recruitment remain “interest, motivation and desire”, according to Minister Hultqvist. On public defense speech, therefore, is not.

All this happens against the background of the failures of the military Department in the recruiting of a sufficient number of volunteers in those units which remained after the destruction of the Swedish defence and the armed forces, which began in the 1990s. It was a part of this rebuild foreign policy, during which Sweden was more and more closer to USA and step by step sought military Alliance NATO. Instead of protecting from invasion, we got what liberal Newspeak is now called the operational defense.

Very positive in itself that so few people want to become cannon fodder in the imperialist war in Afghanistan, and for which an attempt was made to create a professional army. But now, when the edge of American imperialism aimed at Russian military propaganda paints Putin as a threat to Sweden, according to the logic of military activists, an urgent need to do something.

Regardless of the motives, well, that conscription is introduced again. This opens the space for discussion, what kind of defense we have and how it is organised. Conscription in any case, better than the army of mercenaries that are configured on a war for resources and occupation of other countries under the NATO flag.

The Communist party demanded the return of compulsory military service since then, when she was suspended in 2010. The military industry of the country, relying on mercenary soldiers with strong relationships with foreign authorities is threat to democracy. This was especially true when we had to cancel the laws imposed by the military after the murder of strikers in Adaline in 1931 and prohibiting the use of military force against its own population.

In addition to the total armament of the population, the only proven many times in history a democratic way for a small country to defend its national independence is conscription.

Military power based on the recruits, harder to start to use in the internal political conflict than contract. Recruits are less inclined to shoot at members of their own families, fellow workers and neighbors. Conscription democratizare military power and makes it less dangerous for the progressive political forces, which oppose as the ruling class inside the country and imperialist forces in the world.

For this reason the Communist party is in favour of conscription for both men and women. We are for General people’s defence, where all adult citizens have the necessary basic knowledge to be able to defend the country in case of war. This is the best way to protect Sweden as from internal enemies and from enemies abroad.

Most likely, it will be cheaper than the current operational defense, in which the military industry “Bothersom” and “Saab”, led personally interested in the billions of dollars of investment in the project, which will continue Jas. Not to mention the cost of keeping troops abroad.

As has been said, it is good that so few young men and women allowed to enlist in the professional army, created in order to support NATO’s war and occupation of Afghanistan. There was a war so devastating and ineffective that even a private investigator government Tingsgard tune (Tone Tingsgård) was forced to admit it, even in his careful bureaucratic language. The costs of the Swedish soldiers involved in the occupation, approximately are estimated to amount to from 18 to 27 billion kroons.

Poverty in Afghanistan remains unchanged, and the chaos will last for a long time, as in all those countries, which invaded the United States with its bombing. NATO forces are continuing trench warfare and the Taliban, and local guerrilla groups, capturing, losing and re-capturing the areas where the most casualties are civilians. More than 2.5 million Afghans became refugees. The situation is becoming more dangerous for women and children, and the drug trade is breaking all records, according to the UN.

USA was defeated in the Afghan war and the issue of control over resources in the region. Chaos and war are bad companions for business.

The Minister for foreign Affairs Margot Wallström (Margot Wallström) resorted to the tactics of the ostrich and believes that we should be proud of the fact that the Swedish soldiers subservient to us imperialism.

© REUTERS, Sergei Chagrins of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström

The investigator Tingsgard, however, mentions one thing, which it sees as the success of the Swedish occupying forces: we were able to show its willingness to cooperate with NATO and the United States, which is important for the future. So the policy orientation of NATO continues.

There is much talk about the changes in security policy on the world stage, but the world is not threatened by Putin and Russia, and the growing aggression of NATO. The government of Sweden embarked on a dangerous path, deciding to associate our country with this military Alliance.

In September, the armed forces will conduct exercises to practice in so-called host nation support. The teachings were a direct consequence of the fact that the Parliament voted for the signing of the NATO Treaty on the deployment of troops. It is the largest military exercises in Sweden for 20 years, they invited NATO forces from several countries.

The point of the exercise called Aurora17 directed at Russia and cannot be regarded otherwise than real provocation. The military leadership wants to demonstrate the victory for propaganda purposes, to increase the inflow of those wishing to serve, and the government wants to legitimize the policy orientation of NATO. The protest movement against NATO should ensure that this propaganda victory, on the contrary, strengthened those opposed to this military Alliance.

On September 16, the planned large-scale protests against NATO in Gothenburg, to be attended by many organizations, United under the slogan “NATO out of Sweden”, “Tear the agreement on the deployment of troops and No nuclear weapons on Swedish soil”. A day later, will hold the annual “Run for peace”. Thus, the whole weekend will be marked by peace, to protest against NATO is open to all anti-imperialists and supporters of peace. All in Gothenburg on 16 September!