Surprised the lack of people goose has built a nest in the middle of the station: photos and videos

Surprised the lack of people goose has built a nest in the middle of the station: photos and videos

The staff of the railway station began to publish the records from surveillance cameras

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 06:47

Goose has built a nest in the flowerbed in the Central concourse of the railway station in York in the North of England. About this on Twitter said the employee of the British transport police. He also thanked the citizens for the observance of the regime of self-isolation during a pandemic coronavirus.

“Thank you to everyone who continues to support the heroes of the National health system, respecting quarantine,” the statement reads.

To the goose found out even more people, railway company, London North Eastern Railway manages the station, has launched a social media hashtag #GooseCam (“Goose chamber”). The staff began to publish the footage, which you can see the bird.

“Mother Goose invited some friends to settle on the car Park at York station while our visitors are stay at home,” wrote the administrators of the page London North Eastern Railway in the comments to the video.

Users are already asking when you will see the hatched goslings and ironic about the mode of self-isolation.

“Goose on York station was postponed four eggs. She knows about the quarantine, something we don’t know? To hatch; goose eggs takes about 30 days,” “anyone who passes by, you will understand that social distancing really means. Mother goose would not let their offspring anyone closer than two meters!”, “Wild nature has returned, the Earth heals itself” – a comment seen by Network users.

By the way, gray geese are quite common in York. According to the city Council, in the village live about 500 birds.

Recall, the goose, which asked the police for help, became a hero of the Network. In addition, we are told, in the Park, Los Angeles (USA) found a goose and a Seagull unconscious. Birds lost consciousness from an overdose of drugs. This was reported on the official page of the local Center to protect wetlands and the wildlife in Facebook.