Sewing masks and sports marathons: the Ukrainians are engaged in isolation

The psychologist told how to get out of quarantine if it is already used

The Ukrainians, who are in quarantine have to sit and after may 22, suddenly began to discover new talents. Some ability to business, some hobby like. With those who in isolation did not spend time in vain, communicated the news Today.

Twenty-seven year old resident of Kiev of Jan, as soon as the quarantine, found seamstresses and launched the production of reusable masks:

“Come, agreed and said: “Gather all employees and sew all the masks for me.” Began to sew reusable cotton mask. Orders was just darkness, 50 orders per day. And good volumes – sold for 300-400 masks a day with a good earnings on top”.

Then Jan expanded the business:

“Medical mask, tissue, reusable, and antiseptics. All what I’m selling, I earned a little over two thousand dollars.”

But the Kiev Nikita started to work from home.

“I do not spend time around the city, plus I’m in my own comfort zone in your house.”

During the quarantine began to learn a new profession:

“It’s the marketing, which to many has become interesting. Now on the market there are a large number of courses on a fee free basis.”

Diana, sitting at home for the first time held a sports marathon:

“We did all sorts of exercises, assignments, brought their own food, what we eat, in order, put in order our diet. Also resulted in order and do various tasks – to push press, to poprisedat where we had to stand near the walls on the hands.”

For those who are already accustomed to sitting at home to go to work does not want psychologists are advised to seek their own motivation.

“We need to find a motive that would help to get out of prison, out of the house. Someone will be pleased to care for plants that are in the office, someone for the animals you meet along the way, someone put on nice clothes,” – said the psychologist Oksana Sashenka.

We will remind, earlier news “Today” to find out what is most lacking Ukrainians in quarantine. It turned out that most people miss family and friends, shopping and tactile contacts.