Empty because of the quarantine, the city massively broke sheep: video

Empty because of the quarantine, the city massively broke sheep: video

Turkish reporter Mr Soylu showed how animals are “captured” Samsun

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 10:56

People from different countries of the world for several consecutive weeks witness as empty because of the quarantine the streets of big cities learn wild animals. A continuation of this history of Turkish reporter Mr Soylu on his Twitter page published a short video which showed how in the resort town of Samsun mass rush sheep.

“Last night, during the quarantine in connection with the coronavirus, a flock of sheep invaded the Turkish city of Samsun. What? Sheep no one bothers, because people sit in their houses” – signed video Soylu. His post quickly became popular and gained a few million views.

Animals, judging by the video, feel fine and even sometimes stop to rest on the grass. “Great, at least someone is happy in these dark times,” wrote in the comments one of the subscribers of the reporter.

By the way, according to the Johns Hopkins University, Turkey is among the ten countries in the number of confirmed cases COVID-19. However, according to experts, the growth of incidence much higher than reported because most cases of coronavirus are asymptomatic.

Earlier, Stuart from the British town of Llandudno in his Twitter account published a short video which shows how the streets of the village seized a herd of goats.