How to get better during the new year holidays: seven proven tips

The problem that worries most women is how to get better in the new year’s eve and the holidays in General. To find the answer to this question will help you some proven “tricks”, writes portal “Want”.

1. Drink green tea

Not to gain weight during the holidays, make it a habit to immediately after a meal to drink a glass of natural green tea (without sugar). It is proved that the hot liquid after a meal prevents the stagnation of fatty substances in your stomach, which improves the burning of calories. Besides, green tea speeds up metabolism and is a natural fat burner.

2. First protein

Alcohol is a simple carbohydrate snacks and sweets can only increase hunger, especially if you take them on an empty stomach. Not to gain weight in the new year’s eve and during the holidays, consume during first meal of low-calorie protein (baked chicken, for example), and then move on to alcohol, and heavier foods.

3. Make a milkshake

Do not wait for the feast to eat and not go visit someone on Christmas or a holiday party hungry. Make a cocktail containing unsweetened almond milk, half a banana, and one tablespoon of almond oil and drink it an hour before the feast. It will fill you up and eliminate hunger.

4. It

No matter what time you eat Breakfast, not to gain weight during the holidays and keep a graceful figure, always suggest to start with meals that are high in protein and fiber. This will help to get rid of overeating throughout the next day.

5. Limit treats

Let’s be honest: alcohol and desserts are high calorie foods that do not have absolutely nothing useful. Choose something one – either wine or dessert. If you choose the latter, not to gain weight during the holidays is the perfect way to cook low-calorie sweetness. And of course, the size of dessert not to exceed the amount eaten protein and vegetables.

6. Stock up on fresh fruit

esmotrya that during the holidays we are surrounded by such a number and variety of food than any other holiday, I suggest to have on your table was always fresh fruit. If you wash them in advance and keep in a conspicuous place most likely, you still eat.

7. Drink water at a certain time

For the New year and during the holidays, before the meal drink 1-2 glasses of still water – this will help to avoid overeating and rapid intoxication. During the feast try to drink water and be sure to drink alcohol, which removes fluid from the body. The less fluid in your body, the worse the metabolism.