Happy angel Yuri: beautiful greetings and postcards with birthday

Happy angel Yuri: beautiful greetings and postcards with birthday

Day angel Yuri 2020 send best wishes in verse and prose

Olga Kozachok

Yesterday, 11:01

Yuri said angel’s day today, may 6. On this day, he addressed all best wishes and congratulations with the name day.

The name Yuri is a Slavic form of the name George, meaning “farmer,” and is celebrated in honor of St. George.

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Another version of the name Yuri is treated as an “honored man”. The winner of the name – the person calm and balanced, knows his own worth, sometimes too closed and secretive, but patient and dear.

Day angel Yuri we join the most kind and joyful wishes and offer you a beautiful, positive and philosophical birthday greetings in verse and prose.

Also Yuri is celebrating their birthday on 17 February, 26 may, 8 June, 13 August on the Church calendar.

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Kind greetings with the birthday of Yuri in prose


Dear Yuri, I congratulate you heartily. I wish you bright light in my life and relatives support good health and well-being, commitment to their desires and the victorious outcome of the great cases, great mood and great respect.

Philosophical greetings birthday Yuri


You we, the jury, congratulations.
Today, we wish you
Love, health and warmth
Success in life and goodness.

Be happy, rejoice, love,
Every moment appreciate.
We want reliable friends,
Enemies only wish about.

Prosperity in life is let
Let the true path will be elected.
Let everything in life will be fine,
And the trouble you will be forgotten.

Best wishes to Yuri with a birthday in verse


Yuri, happy birthday!
Let it be to cheer.
In your life forever
Will let a lot of good.

Let luck and health
Will never fail
Well, sadness and failures
Quickly run away.

Funny wishes Day angel Yuri in verse


Today your requests page
Opens the book of holidays.
Let this day the best in the world will happen
Good will come to pass something quickly.

You this day is dedicated to the Jura,
All requests are simple words.
Let forever on a shelf gathering dust medicine,
Let no ache never mind.

Easily accomplished by any business,
And every word let it be good.
And your eyes forward let there always be brave,
And the sun shines in the window in the morning.

And may dissolve any adversity,
In the achievements there is always fullness.
And let in your house in any weather
Will warm family and friends warmth.

Happy angel Photo: sunbouquet

Funny greetings birthday Yuri


Congratulations on the birthday and wish success in all spheres of life. Let everyone is your friend, just hearing your name, Yuri, is proud of familiarity with you. Let there will always be reliable people, and in the work and life you will succeed each day, week and month. With a holiday!

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