A terrible discovery: in Ireland, have discovered a mass grave with the remains of the babies

In Ireland on the grounds of a former orphanage for orphans and single mothers in the town of Taum found a mass grave with the remains of infants and young children, reports AP.

The main part of the burials was made in the 1950-ies. The shelter, which was closed in 1961, was engaged in doing the nuns of the Catholic religious order of Bon Secour.

It is noted that an unmarked grave confirmed statements by local historian trying to trace the fates of over 800 dead children.

Were found underground structure, divided into 20 cells with a large number of human remains, but their exact number is not called.

According to DNA analysis, the age of the deceased ranges from 35 weeks to three years.

The Agency notes that the burying children in mass graves was a fairly common practice in Catholic homes due to the high child mortality at that time.