Medical reform in Ukraine will finalize: Zelensky called the main requirement

Because of the new funding mechanism can be fired about 50 thousand physicians and closed 332 hospitals in Ukraine

Healthcare is in critical condition, an urgent need to amend the medical reform. About it in the video, said President Vladimir Zelensky.

“We needed an impartial and objective assessment. No cushion expert, and top local physicians. We established a working group, which included academicians, professors and honored physicians of our country. They, together with the new leadership of the Ministry of health analyzed the situation. The truth is that reform has both big pros and cons are obvious,” he said.

So, according to Zelensky, a new mechanism of financing can be fired about 50 thousand physicians and closed 332 hospitals in Ukraine. Almost a thousand hospitals will receive much less money than last year. Under the threat turned out to be emergency care, General hospital, the cancer center, the veterans hospitals, the majority of children’s hospitals, psychiatric and TB services. Regional children’s hospitals will not receive almost UAH 200 million. On the verge of closing most of the TB hospitals and dispensaries.

The President said that he couldn’t “just let this happen”.

“That’s why I urge the Minister of health, Chairman of the profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine to immediately offer solutions to these issues. We need not reform and improvement. Admitting mistakes and correcting them. I am confident that the global demand one thing, and it’s very simple: reform should be satisfied with both patients and physicians at all levels,” said Zelensky.

Formerly known Ukrainian doctor Yevhen Komarovsky in spacefire on the TV channel “Ukraine 24” – “Ukraine: the teleconference with the physicians of the country” – has called the conditions for a successful medical reform in Ukraine.