“120 thousand deaths before the end of the year”: Zelensky explained why it is impossible to override the quarantine

Quarantine restrictions should be lifted in stages, to avoid tragic consequences

In Ukraine extended quarantine until may 22. President Vladimir Zelensky explained that in any case can not immediately lift all restrictions and return to their usual rhythm of life because it threatens disastrous consequences. He said this in his traditional video.

He recalled that in several European countries thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of cases, and all because of the fact that they did not enter the quarantine or did it later.

“Yes, there is a negative impact of quarantine on the economy. Losing him is painful. But the potential losses from high morbidity and mortality, catastrophic. According to studies, a complete lifting of the quarantine will have shocking consequences. If tomorrow we go back to our usual rhythm of life is potentially 120 plus thousand deaths before the end of the year. That is why the easing of the quarantine can not be premature. It is phased, and the first easing will be held may 11. Will be opened, in particular parks, gardens, beauty salons, terrace cafes and restaurants,” said Zelensky.

The President noted that the current statistics of coronavirus in Ukraine gives hope. He also gave two reasons why he managed to avoid a Spanish or Italian scenarios.

“However, the situation could be different. We could not have 12 thousand, and 200 thousand patients. There are two reasons why managed to avoid a critical scenario. The first is the measures taken in time. Hard, but as time has shown, is correct. The second reason is due to our Ukrainian doctors. Their professionalism, courage and dedication at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. Today the topic COVID-19 filled the entire space, but at the same time we can’t forget about the global situation in our healthcare industry. Because today our doctors were under attack,” – concluded the head of state.

As reported “Today” in terms of the all-Ukrainian quarantine will introduce new exemptions that relate to the operation of the business. The head of government stressed that the list is announced in advance, so entrepreneurs had to prepare for a job: to procure materials, hold a record of customers etc. Read more, who will be allowed to work since may 11.