The Spectator (UK): Putin why the independence of Scotland

A report on the actions of Russia was once and for all to prove that the Kremlin rigged the referendum on leaving the EU, Boris Johnson FSB agent, and Dominic Cummings — bot, which is controlled from St. Petersburg. Anything, just not the grim reality is that the campaign for withdrawal from the EU was more effective than the campaign of the opponent. This does not mean that the regime of Vladimir Putin tried to influence the vote in 2016. This is simply unthinkable, however criminal in its reckless attitude to the safety of democracy means that they are not closely followed what was happening, and didn’t know what events may occur.

Ministers and intelligence agencies should have known about the threat of Russian intervention, because, as the report confirms, the Kremlin six years ago intervened in the Scottish referendum. In the long-awaited report refers to the “credible comments from open sources that Russia in 2014 conducted a campaign of influence, aimed at the Scottish referendum on independence”. There is nothing unexpected for those who have long been watching the international strategy for Putin.

The report reflected the dissatisfaction of many Western analysts of the political pragmatism of Moscow in international Affairs:

“The West is difficult to resist the threat that Russia poses to its security, as, according to our estimates and according to many other people, it is entirely nihilistic. It seems that Russia sees in foreign policy competition in which the loss of one player is equivalent to winning the other. For this reason, any actions by Russia to the detriment of the West brought her a significant favor.”

Putin’s foreign policy jealously defends the geopolitical independence of Russia and is aggressively seeking destabilization in Western countries, especially in the United States and its allies. Classical realism is a reflection of the post-Soviet concerns about the weakness and decline of the country. Putin measures the strength of his regime and its ability to carry out subversive activities outside the country and in equal measure — its capacity to suppress internal dissent.

It is also not surprising to those who regularly watched programs of the Russia Today about the referendum. There was not even a hint of impartiality. The United Kingdom was on the verge of collapse, and Putin’s propagandists were willing to throw a few grenades to help him in this matter. If it seems incredible that the invaders of Crimea has suddenly decided to help the Scots to throw off the yoke of English colonial oppression, try to understand that the collapse of the United Kingdom would be a huge success for Putin’s campaign to destabilize the West.

It is unnatural, but the Russian government is better than ours is aware of the fact that Scottish independence is a matter of national security. We can say that the dissolution of the United Kingdom would be a much more chaotic, lengthy and confusing process than the slow withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Breaksit is nonsense in comparison with the completion of the 313-year period, the uniform policy, Economics and history. The separation of Scotland will lead to the fact that Britain will leave the international sphere, concentrating on their internal Affairs.

The weakening of the international position and authority of Britain has become something so much more than the renunciation of political consistency and confidence. The very possibility of the separation of Scotland would be a powerful blow to the attempts of the Minister of foreign trade of Trails Liz (Liz Truss) to conclude trade deals with new partners. To invest in a country that in the near future could lose one third of its territory and one tenth of the population — is not what today offers the Minister.

Economic damage is one thing. And what about undermine the combat power and military potential of Britain? Although the Scottish national party for many years has campaigned against “Tridentum”, Westminster did not seem to understand that Scottish independence could deprive London of nuclear deterrence. Now these forces and means are placed in the Gulf of Faslane and coalport, however, the independent government under the leadership of the Scottish national party will want to remove them from Scotland. The Scottish government already refers to one report, which States that the warhead can be deactivated in a few weeks, and the entire Arsenal to take out of Scotland for two to four years, and notes that this is a nice Testament to how quickly you can remove the “Trident”.

However, it is not only just to transfer the submarines to another British naval base. The Committee on the Affairs of Scotland, in its report for 2013 concluded that, if the Scottish national party will insist on the immediate withdrawal of submarines, “this will require a review on combat duty in submarines, which the constant action of our nuclear deterrent forces at sea will stop. Britain in this period will not be able to use their nuclear deterrent, and who knows how quickly she can recover the permanent combat duty nuclear submarine fleet”.

Other places in Britain or are not suitable for these purposes, or will require significant time, investment, environmental changes and even relocation of people. In the area of barrow-in-Furness too small tides, Plymouth is too densely populated to store nearby warheads, and Milford haven are the LNG terminals and oil refineries. Another option is to relocate the submarines and warheads to the United States or France.

Britain will either disarm, or it will be humiliated, NATO will lose one of its nuclear powers. Putin in this case, not only will have the opportunity to confound the leading Western powers, but also weaken the international organization, which he considers the most serious obstacle to the expansionist designs of Russia. There is an important reason why the Russia Today TV channel, produces live so much material on independence, and on which this channel is sympathetic to the Scottish national party. There is an important reason why this channel has included in its programming a weekly show, the main guest of which is former Prime Minister of Scotland and an icon of Scottish nationalism. And there is an important reason why the Agency Sputnik has chosen Edinburgh as the location of your British headquarters.

For this reason, and Iran intervened in the referendum in 2014. This destabilization of the countries-competitors, which plays an important role in the promotion worldwide of real democracy, rules-based international world order and global leadership of America. In the collapse of our Union enemies see a chance to besiege Britain. The continued neglect of the authorities to this threat jeopardizes not only our democracy but also our national security.