I have a “Dream,” or the Ukraine Elon musk

Musk called the Yuzhmash missile best in the world after his Falcon. A second heart was filled with pride for their country, but also began to boil healthy anger. After Musk talked about the developments of 40 years ago, a little modernization 20 years ago — and even then, they are second in the world! Imagine what would take place in the space industry we would have occupied if the last two decades are not taken up old ideas and developed at least in parallel with the corporations Elon musk? Who would have been in the first place, and who would be willing to be the first to colonize Mars?

But from the window of my office can be seen an endless series of ships. Closer to me are the ones who go in and out of the port of Odessa, and further in the direction of the horizon — those heading to and from the port of South.

In the direction of the coast are loaded “on that one” container and empty trains with trucks. Back in the sea container are empty, jumping out of the water almost to the screws and the trains with lorries crawling, burrowing his nose into the waves, along with the same overloaded grain cars.

We turned in a raw country that supplies the world market or raw materials (grain, wood and ore), or a product of primary processing (the pipe rolling, black metal). But we buy the finished products with high added value. Typical Economics of a third world country, a raw materials appendage to the industrial and postindustrial countries.

We’ve seen it in different “Nigeria”, including neighboring “Nigeria in the snow”. And let us not happy that Russian oil — irreplaceable resource, and our grain is increasing every year (and until the soil is depleted). In political terms, our bread and Russian oil — full counterparts, this is the raw basis, which plays quite a Marx one and the same political “superstructure”.

The only possible political superstructure for the commodity economy is feudalism. The feudalism many of the invariants of absolute Oriental monarchy, “a La” Nazarbayev or Aliev, “the Napoleonic dictatorship” of Lukashenko and Putin, “the balance between feudal clans” in the style of Kuchma, Yushchenko and Poroshenko. But in any case it is feudalism, and while the economy remains raw materials — nothing else in the country can not be built.

However, the connection here is not one-sided. I was born in a country that was a colony of Muscovy, but even as a colony took places in the world rankings of industrial production. My country is among the top ten countries that have the complete production cycle of aircraft. In my country, took to the skies, “Ruslan” and “Mriya”. My country was in the top ten of the world’s ocean fisheries, and that fully respect Ukrainian shipyards. My country a dozen years ago took the third (!) in the world in the number of satellite launches. The list goes on.

My country has paid for industrialization the most expensive cost of all the peoples of the world — we industrialize Stalin, at the cost of lives of millions killed by starvation of Ukrainian peasants, at the cost of free labor of millions of slaves of the Gulag, from the rank and file of the miners to head designers of prisoners in the “sharashkas”. My generation the grandchildren of the victims of the Great terror and industrialization inherited from ancestors tortured huge dick, on the level of the most developed countries of the modern world. But we have not saved his “Dream”, we gave to deceive themselves and to be reduced to “agricultural superpower.”

After coming to power in the industrial country, the party and Komsomol members with the “new elite” of the 90s got the choice of vector of development. And they chose, clearly and unequivocally: no “postindustrial” no investment in new technologies and even in the support and upgrade of fixed assets, only hard deriban most easily extracted natural resources. And constructing a corresponding model of this pseudo-elite of feudal — oligarchy. We are quite deliberately pushed to feudalism with “embryonic”, which only emerged after decades of totalitarianism, but still “living” democracy. And industrial countries in the raw materials, we have also become conscious of the idea of very specific characters.

Compare the lists of privatized enterprises and enterprises that dead weight hanging on the state budget. “New feudal lords” happily snapped up all mining enterprises, and enterprises in the first cycle of processing of raw materials, and is almost not affected by more complex production. Industry needs to renovate facilities and technologies, constant investment risks in the conditions of tough competition. So, in the end the profit will be much higher (the law of value added has not been canceled), but why wait that is not quick and unguaranteed in the end? To life the tycoons, their children, grandchildren and children and grandchildren of some “sixes” would be enough for easy profits on a primitive taking “gifts of nature”. And the industry may contain out of pocket rank and file suckers — the taxpayers. The apotheosis of this approach was a relatively recent attempt to prepare the privatisation of the rolling stock of Railways, while leaving the neck of taxpayers rails, stations, and other “unprofitable” infrastructure.

And next came what in systems theory is called the “process of positive feedback”, or if it simply is a process that reinforces itself. The more collapsed industrialnoe production, the deeper we fell into oligarchic feudalism. And with every political victory of the “new feudal lords” was intensified by the collapse of industrial production. Until we break this vicious circle, the oligarchy will remain invincible, no matter how many times we went to the Maidan. The laws of political economy cannot be fooled. They can only understand, learn and try to use.

The conflict that began on the Maidan in 2013 and still have not found their solution fits into the annals of political economy. The barricades in the middle of the divided feudal Kiev Pechersk with his “princely houses”, “new nobility” and “princely retinue” — “Berkut”, part of “the world of the newborn bourgeoisie” represented a colorful mixture of students, professors, “merchants” from the middle, not oligarchic business, the modern “free artisans” — ajtishnikov, and others. Not uncommon were on the barricades and “relics of the industrial age” — an endangered engineers, and it is also not accidental.

It is time to understand that if we want real democracy, not the power of the feudal clans, the “showdown” between them for the right to steal our taxes, mass-media belonging to the same clans, we present as a “political struggle” and “democratic elections” — it is necessary to escape from the darkness of the commodity economy to go the way of re-industrialization, restoring the production, which is still possible to recover, and in a phase of advanced industrial economies (the political superstructure which is the real multi-party parliamentary democracy, coupled with a strong independent judicial system) go to the post-industrial society (political superstructure which still formed even in the Western world and includes elements of direct democracy, decentralization and self-governance of communities and the complex mechanisms of simultaneous guarantee of the rights of the majority, minorities and individuals).

And at the same time — if we want again soared into the sky the Ukrainian planes, space rockets and satellites, to our army fought with high-tech weapons of the latest generation, made in our factories, and the rails ran our high-speed trains — a necessary condition for this is the overthrow of the oligarchic system.

Skeptics might note that the train has left, and we never catch up in the industry of China or South Korea, and the only place in the world globalized market is the role of the “agricultural superpower”. I agree with this only partially — in part of goods of mass consumption. We really will never catch up with the “Asian tigers” in the role of manufacturers of mass-produced cheap clothes, televisions, cars — historically and culture of labor, not the wage of skilled personnel, and so on. In fact, attempts of development of the domestic automobile industry, which for twenty years did not give any competitive product, and kept “afloat” only anti-market and bad for the end user state protectionist methods, is very revealing.

But this is only part of the truth. At the same time, Antonov planes are still the best in the world in the ratio “price-quality”, and in the class of heavy cargo planes still don’t have analogues neither “Ruslan” nor the “Mriya” no one but us is not created. All attempts of Russia and China to copy the helicopter motors Motor-Sich, and adjust their production so useless and failed, except the SKD of our Ukrainian products. Pivdenmash is now experiencing not the best times, but some local technologies are still not able to surpass even the American competitors — believe me the Mask.The Ukrainian guided missiles and ATGM one generation behind the latest developments of NATO, but it is cheaper on the order, that is quite competitive. And the list goes on.

Our place in the global market — not in competition with China and Korea and on a par with the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

This place is not a mass manufacturer, but a high-tech innovative products with high added value. Under the leadership of feudal lords we are rapidly losing competitive advantage, but to occupy a specified place in the global market from scratch is so difficult that is for us still remains quite a large gap. Unless, of course, our re-industrialization will start in the near future. Time is not on our side, our “starting capital” in the form at the time very advanced plants and design quickly wears out and breaks down, technology becomes obsolete, and competitors gradually occupy the market, even those niches where we were yesterday a unique “natural monopolies”. The “window of opportunity” to start the re-industrialization of Ukraine will be open from 3 to 5 years.

As soon as we start reindustrialization — after the first aftershocks of the Renaissance complex productions starts automatically process feedback, which will lead to the transformation of the agrarian-feudal society to a modern, developed democracy. Antonov, Motor Sich and Yuzhmash — is the pinnacle of a long process chain, based on many small and medium-sized enterprises — manufacturers of components.

In the USSR, this niche was occupied by hulking state-owned enterprises that were destroyed during the cheating privatization of the 1990-ies. In the modern world is the sphere of private business, with the scope not big corporations (they are at the end of the “food chain”, where already collect the finished aircraft and missiles), and small companies that start with “garage” startups, competing for markets and providing well-paid jobs to thousands of highly skilled workers — the same middle class that holds a modern democracy.

By the way, broke first due to the supply of components for our Antonov and Motor Sich, the Ukrainian enterprises can further be integrated in the process chain Airbus, Boeing and other Western corporations. In neighboring Poland, which at the start was much worse technologically than Ukraine, it is this way in the process of competition among suppliers to the European companies led to economic growth in recent decades. The emergence of a pool of competing technology companies and skilled labor market automatically leads to the development of higher and secondary education, science and other “add-ins”, among which sooner or later arise culture and political institutions matching the queries of educated modern society. And there already and to post-industrial times with one mouse click.

Where can we get the money for the first impetus to re-industrialization?

Where the Bolsheviks took on the terrible industrialization of the 1930s- through the redistribution of public capital. Only then for the creation of industrial monsters, giants, and the pool of proletarians willing to work for a bowl of porridge, the state robbed and starved small agrarian middle class “kulaks”, and when it was over — squeezed the last of the completely already impoverished people, and focused almost the entire capital of the population of the Soviet Empire in the hands of the then “new feudal lords” — the state compartidos bureaucracy. In modern Ukraine a large percentage of the national capital concentrated in the hands of people from the same Soviet postbureaucratic — a few super-rich feudal clans, and concentrated, to put it mildly, not quite legal way.

The company has full right to reclaim at least part of it stolen by corrupt oligarchic financial-industrial groups and reinvest returned in the revival of the production and recovery of the industrial potential of the nation. And further — search of niches in a global world economy, severe competition and other complex processes that lead to progress and development.

Remained a “trifle” — to take away from the power of oligarchic clans, and wisely dispose of the returned property. A simple change of some feudal face to the other, a bit prettier is not a revolution but just another riot.

Revolution, which began in 2013, will win only when the middle class started it, my own hands will take political power and immediately uses it to change the rules of the game, including for the modernization of the economic system of the country.

Our way from the “wheat of Nigeria” to this European country lies in the triad of “bourgeois revolution and re-industrialization — the development of democracy.” The path is very complicated, but the other is not. More precisely, all other roads lead to a final and complete “Nigeria”, which will forever remain in the “third world” instead of “first”. Believe that our place is still in the first world, post-industrial and democratic. But this place still have to be war — like for our place on the Martian ship Elon musk.

And so, to paraphrase king, I have a “Dream”!