Metropolitan Anthony spoke about how to spend the third week of lent

Orthodox Christians March 13 began the third week (week) of lent – a time of humility and repentance that precedes the veneration of the Cross Sunday.

Chancellor of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) reminds the believers about the need to pay attention to the state of mind and focus on the struggle with passions that destroy human life, said the information Center of the UOC.

“In the period of Great lent, we should beware of pride and the passions that it entails. Often modern man is so self-absorbed that everything around looks from the perspective of their own benefit. Passion is a disease of the soul. And even the thought that we are at least slightly better than others – a sign of spiritual delusion, the signal that we are moving in the wrong direction,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

The Archbishop also noted the need for spiritual struggle of modern man with the temptations of fame and power.

“The majority want that their abilities have brought fame to many a lifetime struggle for power. People seem to be that, having reached this, they will be happy. However, at the end of life comes the realization that all this is a Mirage and the person feels the pain and emptiness. In Matthew we read: “What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” If life is devoted only to achieve earthly wealth, fame and power, the soul will find peace and joy, people will deprive themselves of the hope of salvation, life with Christ. In order to realize that the Church calls the days of lent,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

“We have time to rethink his life, to expose yourself to criticism and to repent to God on Saturday evening, kneeling before the Holy Cross, remembering the suffering of Christ, to follow His words: “whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (MK. 8, 34),” concluded managing the Affairs of the UOC.

We will remind, in the third week of lent, March 18, Orthodox Christians celebrate Parent Saturday is a special day of remembrance. Sunday, March 19, the Church celebrates the Week cross. The night before, in all Orthodox churches from the altar take out the Cross, which believers will worship the following week. During the worship time singing “the Cross of Thy worship, o master, and Thy Holy Resurrection we praise”. Orthodox Christians revere the Cross as a symbol of the atoning death of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.