The Cabinet protects the interests of Ukrainian workers in Europe – Smigel

The government insists that Ukrainian citizens provided insurance, official wages, accommodation and treatment

The global crisis did workers from Ukraine are extremely popular. This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal.

“Companies from Europe, including representatives of governmental organizations, appeal to Ukraine to help people to gain various sectors of the economy in Europe. Ukraine today was in a strong negotiating position in relation to his people, and we first had the opportunity to provide people with normal civilized working conditions in Europe. Insurance, official wages, accommodation, medical treatment, including in the case of coronavirus,” he told Smigel.

The Prime Minister has tried to explain the differences between the current situation from the one that, obviously, many Ukrainians work abroad illegally.

“When we say that we are talking about slavery, then slavery is when the Ukrainians, who went to work, lived in barracks, in the basement, did not receive official salaries, they were thrown out of work and did not provide elementary conditions of social and health protection. They were trapped. We almost had a first opportunity to defend the interests of our people in the European labour market”, – said the Prime Minister.

Appreciation for the workers from Ukraine and gave the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki.

“We remember also about the citizens of Ukraine, living and working in Poland. They are an important subject without which we have recorded for several years of strong economic growth would have been lower. Today Ukrainians residing in Poland, don’t have to worry about the legality of your stay. Documents, the validity of which ended during the state of the epidemic or threat outbreak status was extended until 30 days after its completion in Poland” – said Morawiecki site “ZN”.

He said that now in Poland there are about a million citizens of Ukraine and according to Ukrainian sources, in connection with the pandemic 175 thousand Ukrainians decided to return home.

“Remaining in Poland, it is often continue to operate and transmit financial support to their families in Ukraine. According to the world Bank, money transfers to Ukraine in 2019 reached 16 billion dollars. A significant portion of this amount came from Poland. In this regard, my government issued a decree to the Polish consulates in Ukraine to resume accepting applications for a work visa. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens will be able to resume work in Poland” – said the Prime Minister.

The head of the Polish government told that Poland supports the European Commission’s proposal on macro-financial assistance package worth 3 billion euros for the ten neighbouring countries of the Community (including 1.2 billion euros for Ukraine), and also supports the idea of a direction of 140 million euros from the Fund for neighbourhood policy on the urgent needs of the countries of the Eastern partnership in the fight against coronavirus, and ultimately this amount will exceed 700 million euros. In the framework of the Visegrad group, Poland has proposed to launch an emergency programme V4EastSolidarity States of the Eastern partnership in the framework of the International Visegrad Fund.

According to him, Poland and Ukraine quickly adopted the tough decisions in the fight against the pandemic, and thanks to them in our countries remains relatively low number of confirmed cases of infection, the number of hospitalized persons and the sad statistics — the number of deaths.

The “Today” wrote that in Finland waiting for the arrival of 15 thousand Ukrainians, whose professional and personal qualities highly valued the Ambassador of Finland in Ukraine päivi Laine. Moreover, the Cabinet is now considering requests for departures to Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway and other countries.

And the Ukrainian government is actively working on a plan to create 500 thousand jobs in the near future.

Recall, according to the State employment service, in General, due to the quarantine caused by an outbreak of coronavirus, were left without work more than 40 thousand Ukrainians.