How to make arms thinner: practical tips Anita Lutsenko

Until the summer and the beginning of beach season left quite a bit of time, and it’s time to actively engage in your body to give it the desired shape.

Fitness coach Anita Lutsenko said in Instagram, how to make shoulders, arms and underarms thinner and without excess fat.

“It is important to do classic push-UPS from knees, to the floor, chest touching the floor,” advised Anita.

The coach added that for the correct effect, you must also pay attention to food.

“Hands is a very special place for the accumulation of fat mainly for the “apples”! But all is possible if you make the effort! 2 weeks of push-UPS for 15 times a day, and I guarantee krasivennye hands” – summed up Lutsenko.

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