Pristayko said that depends on the termination of war of Russia against Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister advised Russia to deal with its internal problems and leave, finally, Ukraine alone

Neither the coronavirus pandemic or global crisis will not be the catalyst for making Russia’s decision to stop the aggression and to get out of Ukraine. The decision on the termination of war can be adopted owing to personal reasons and only in the Kremlin. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Prime Minister Vadim pristayko in an interview with “Today”.

According to him, Russia is suffering from the pandemic coronavirus, and advised her to focus more on domestic issues and to leave finally the Ukraine alone.

“Moreover, because of sanctions they are around the world tell (which should be removed because of the coronavirus. – Ed.). But we see that the position is clear: sanctions are not connected with coronavirus, the sanctions associated with Russia’s behavior. I think that this RF signal is received. I saw comments of his former colleagues Sergey Lavrov ahead of a meeting of Ministers “Norman format”. Nothing new I have not read. In all the years this rhetoric has not changed, indicating that the decision (to end the war against Ukraine. – Ed.) is not within the competence of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, diplomacy, and in one particular office in the Kremlin. So if there will be no solution – it will not (nor from anyone else. – Ed.). If the decision is, diplomacy will work. The decision of the leaders of the summit, it was recorded that the foreign Ministers should take certain measures. A month after the summit, I said that only one decision was made – the exchange of prisoners. All the others, unfortunately, have not been achieved,” said Pristayko, adding that he did not become more optimistic in resolving the conflict.

Commenting on opinions that the alleged coronavirus and economic crisis can help to end the war in the Donbass, the Deputy Prime Minister said that even to keep the Crimea and the Donbass is not so high for Russia, which she could not go, even if the decline in oil prices.

“Remember, the Soviet Union and today’s Russia, never bothered by such trifles as the welfare of the people. In principle, they can some time on the stock and ultra-nationalism to survive. Second, the decisions that were taken in Russia in the annexation and occupation of Crimea and war on Donbass, were very emotional, were political mistakes, decisions were made ad hoc. That is, they were emotionally and was specifically charged by one political decision. Therefore, I believe that these steps can be “turned off” back. As a participant in the negotiations on these notorious documents, which 16 hours were discussed (the Minsk agreement of February 12, 2015. – Ed.) I always remembered the decision (in Russia. – Ed.) can be adopted owing to personal reasons. Therefore, the chance for peace remains,” he concluded.

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Note that in recent months, international attention is fully focused on the fight against COVID-19. The theme of Russian aggression against Ukraine is still rarely hit the headlines of world media. Leading experts tell us the pandemic coronavirus affects the negotiations on the Donbass.