“Nord stream – 2”: will complete a gas pipeline and what will happen next

Moscow for a long time bogged down in negotiations with the Europeans

The epidemic is coronavirus and the economic crisis has seriously changed the plans of both citizens and Nations. This event was made to revise the terms of realization of expensive projects. This project for Russia is “Northern stream – 2”. About the prospects for its completion is referred to in an exclusive “Today” – “Gas maneuvers: completed Russia “Nord stream – 2“.

At the end of last week, an unexpected surprise Moscow has presented in Berlin. The Federal network Agency of Germany has decided to refuse the company “Nord Stream AG 2” in her request to withdraw the project from the requirements of the updated EU Gas Directive. That, at least at the moment means that the pipeline can be filled Gazprom’s gas has only half.

However, the verdict of the German regulator does not mean the “end” of the project, experts say Today.

“First, Russia has invested in it already so much that way back to them. Secondly, it’s not an economic project, and geopolitical. Called, relatively speaking, “a pincer movement” of Ukraine, to weaken us economically and politically. Because Russia refuse it will not. And will look for options how to get out of this situation. I think now would be paused. But when you calm down the situation with quarantine, Vladimir Putin and German lobby will try to solve this problem,” – said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

Economic expert Alex Kush said that it is absolutely incorrect to speak about the refusal of Germany from the project.

“We just see more cunning game of the European Union. Europe, in fact, does not want to give the Russians a monopoly on transportation. And removing the “Nord stream – 2″ from the Directive just gave Moscow a monopoly on the use of this route. Now, if the pipe is to be used by the Russians, it will be underutilized. Or Moscow will again have to sit at the negotiating table with the EU. In fact, to retain a lever of influence on Moscow, as the need for constant negotiations, and was one of the objectives of the EU. They want Moscow has consistently remained at the negotiating table”, – says Alexei Kusch.

The “Today” wrote that the Russian “Gazprom” there is no reason to continue to pump gas through Ukraine after 2025, when the current contract on transit. After starting the first leg of the “Turkish stream” in the early years of the Ukrainian GTS have already lost 15 billion cubic meters, and the launch of the second line “cut off” for another 15 billion cubic meters. thus, in his opinion, the launch of “Nord stream – 2” will result in the loss of the remaining 50 billion cubic meters Therefore, the Ukrainian side is preparing for the scenario of “zero transit”. In this scenario, the Ukrainian GTS will be completely refocused on internal transport, after which Europe will depend entirely on the supply of gas through the pipelines of “Gazprom”.

Those in the U.S. are also considering the creation in Ukraine of a gas hub. In the case of the project the United States intends to put its liquefied natural gas to Europe, including via Ukraine. Details in the video: