Gorgan: Completed Park in Brovary is an example of victory over corruption in one episode

It’s been exactly a week since the Governor of the Kiev region, Alexander Gorgan jointly with the Prosecutor of the region Dmitry Chibisov visited the town of Brovary, which is September 16 celebrated 378 years, and was present at the opening of the reconstructed Park of Victory. Contractor of Brovary Park was forced to realize all the work after the General response of the government in the face of the head of Kyiv regional state administration, the mayor of the city and regional Prosecutor’s office, report “Ukrainian news”.

Two months ago at the request of the mayor of Brovary Igor Sapagka the Governor and the Prosecutor of the Kiev region visited the Park, which documents the contractor was fully built. But in fact no work was not done. Only after the Prosecutor’s office of area brought criminal proceedings against the contractor, the Park was completed.

“We are witnessing the effective response of the state authorities and prosecution services that work together to neutralize the corrupt practices that took place in the Kiev region and Victory Park”, – said the Governor of the Kiev region, Alexander Gorgan.

According to him, the example of the Victory Park in Brovary – it is not only a victory over a single corrupt practices, but also “the beginning of a triumphant cycle of prosecution of corrupt officials”.

“Park in Brovary – is a powerful example of victory over corruption in one episode. It can and should be destroyed by the joint efforts of authorities of the Prosecutor’s office and local government. And Park in Brovary is a vivid example. We started this process and want society to feel comfortable telling us about it,” added Veronica.

According to the Prosecutor of the Kiev region Dmitry Chibisov, law enforcement agencies quickly responded to the facts presented to the Governor, immediately went to the location to scan, and forced the contractor to perform all required work plan.

“We see the result – a beautiful Park, see restoring the trust of the people as public authorities and law enforcement that act as a whole”, – said the Prosecutor.

In turn, the mayor of Brovary Igor Sapagka stressed that the effectiveness of the work lies in the fact that the Governor and the Prosecutor of the Kiev region did not demand from him of evidence of embezzlement of budget money, and they arrived and made sure personally that no work was done.

“The fact that the contractor finished the work, it is really the overall merit of law enforcement bodies, state bodies and bodies of local self-government. This shows that today the time has changed, the approach and the mentality of people. The government transferred the financing of those objects which many years were not funded,” – said the mayor of Brovary.

Recall that in early September, Alexander Gorgan published the results of the extensive testing infrastructure of the region, which have revealed embezzlement of budget funds worth hundreds of millions of hryvnia, after which the Governor announced the need to change the order of distribution of budgetary funds. 21 September 2017 the head of the KOGA during the extended meeting, which was attended by about 700 people, has presented the new allocation of the budget of the Kyiv region.