In some areas, will introduce adaptive quarantine: what does it mean

Not everyone in Ukraine will be lucky with the softening of quarantine on may 11

Ukraine has again extended the quarantine until may 22, but with the easing of restrictions. But the leaders of incidence COVID-19 “shines” mitigation of quarantine measures. This was said at the Cabinet meeting, Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov.

According to him, the proposal made in the resolution, which was adopted by the government.

“We also want to offer a criterion of adaptive quarantine. This is when, for example, we have some region – Chernivtsi or Ivano-Frankivsk, in which a very high level of morbidity and a very large number of patients are registered every day. Of course, we can’t afford the opening is the same as it happens in other areas. We believe that we need to introduce a mechanism of adaptive quarantine: if we open a large palette of trading, there should be less. I think there is an understanding among local authorities”, – said Stepanov.

The Minister noted that the Ministry of health will continue to monitor the epidemic situation, and in case there is a negative trend is observed, then immediately will need to strengthen the restrictive measures.

In turn, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal, speaking about adaptive quarantine, noted that if any region or city will flash, then there will be introduced local restrictions.

“Now the Commission on questions of technogenic and environmental emergencies in Chernivtsi, Rivne, Ternopil regions and in Kyiv needs to examine the epidemic situation and after may 11, to take appropriate decisions separately, guided by the data that will be at the time to demand those or other decisions”, – he said.

That’s the situation with coronavirus now in the regions of Ukraine:

As reported “Today” in terms of the all-Ukrainian quarantine will introduce new exemptions that relate to the operation of the business. The head of government stressed that the list is announced in advance, so entrepreneurs had to prepare for a job: to procure materials, hold a record of customers etc. Read more, who will be allowed to work since may 11.

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