“Crimea will return to the bosom of mother-Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Ambassador offered to bet a “friend” of Putin

Gerhard Schroeder called the chief lobbyist for Putin

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder made a cynical statement, calling for the lifting of sanctions with Russia, and said that occupied Crimea to Ukraine will not give up. To this the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik offered to bet a “friend” of Putin, that the Peninsula will return during the life of the former Chancellor.

About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

“Louder than Mr. Schroeder and other lobbyists militaristic Moscow on every corner screaming that entered against Russia sanctions are supposedly “meaningless” becomes more and more obvious to the German public the undeniable fact that the EU sanctions and the United States well are extremely painful to hit in the heart already frail Russian economy, and hence the political leadership,” the diplomat said.

The words of Schroeder he called the “cry of despair” and attempt once again to lobby for the interests of the Kremlin. While Miller believes that the former Chancellor failed to change clear the official position of Berlin in support of Ukraine.

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The Ambassador invited the shredder to bet on the return of the occupied Crimea to Ukraine, which, according to a “friend” Putin, Russia will not return.

“As for shameless thesis of Mr. Schroeder that “no Russian President will never give Crimea to Ukraine”, we would like to announce that 76 year old ex-politicians and top lobbyist for the Kremlin, a kind of bet: even during his lifetime Crimea will certainly return to the bosom of mother-Ukraine. So as obvious as the fact that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West,” added Miller.

Note, in Germany the other day there was another interesting story. As reported “Today”, the mayor of Berlin Michael Muller was invited to lay flowers by the representatives of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. However, Andrew Miller has cancelled his participation, responded harshly to the proposal to celebrate with a colleague from Russia the end of the war.