Gabriela Soukalova won “gold”, Julia Jim – flowers

Held in Oberhof women mass start of the biathlon world Cup. Intrigue in the distribution of seats was not.

Czech Gabriela Soukalova on the way to the “gold” quietly handing out kisses and exchanged greetings with the coaches.

The advantage of Koukalova became overwhelming after the first shooting fell off its main rival Kaisa Makarainen, premadasa four times. Went shooting, and Marie Doran-Aber that opened the way for Gabriele to an easy victory.

Ukrainka Yulia Jim showed excellent progress, but two penalties in the first standing did not allow her to compete for the podium. Julia – flowers.

The results of the mass start:

1. Gabriela Soukalova (Czech Republic) – 37.20,5 (0+0+0+0)
2. Laura Dallmeier (Germany) – +31,5 (0+0+1+0)
3. Horchler Karolin (Czech Republic) – +45,3 (0+0+0+0)

5. Julia Jim– +1.12,6 (1+0+2+0)
16. Olena Pidhrushna– +2.06.9 (0+0+2+0)