In Venezuela the quarantine led to a prison riot: inmates killed 46

The prison management to counter the spread of the coronavirus led to the tragedy

In Venezuela, in the state of Portuguesa, in the prison of Los Llanos there was a riot, which killed 46 prisoners, 75 people were injured.

According to Reuters, the incident occurred after officials banned inmates ‘ relatives to bring them food. This decision was taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in prison.

The office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights declared that is seriously concerned about the incident.

In turn, the Minister of prisons of Venezuela, iris Varela has promised that those responsible for the riot would be punished.

We will remind, earlier in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires inmates at the prison in the district of Villa Devoto staged a mass revolt, demanding to rescue them from the spread of coronavirus. The first riots began after prisoners learned that several people in the institution is infected with a virus.

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They demanded the release of those who have an increased risk of infection COVID-19. The prisoners set fire to mattresses and seized several floors of the building, about a dozen people climbed up on the roof, demanding to rescue them from death.

And in Italian prisons due to the temporary ban on visits from family and friends, riots broke out. These measures have been taken to prevent the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in the country, but the prisoners did not stop.

Of the rebellion in Chernivtsi detention center see the video:

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