Trump will speak with Putin on nuclear arsenals, “if we meet”

WASHINGTON — President Donald trump wants to build a nuclear Arsenal, States that he was “the best in the world” and intends to discuss the topic of cruise missiles with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if they would meet.

“I am the first who would like to see that everyone — no one — has no nuclear weapons. But we’ll never be lagging in comparison with any country, even if it is a friendly country, we will never lag behind in nuclear power,” said trump in an interview with Reuters.

“It would be great — just a dream — that no other country had nuclear weapons, but if countries are going to have, we will be the best.”

A new agreement on reducing strategic offensive arms between the U.S. and Russia stipulates that by February 5, 2018, both countries must reduce their arsenals to equal levels.

In an interview with Reuters trump called new start a “one-sided deal.”

“Another bad deal that you made our country, whether it is a start, whether the agreement with Iran… We will begin to make good deals,” he said.

In an interview with Reuters trump also said that the deployment of Russia cruise land-based missiles violates a 1987 agreement on the reduction of armaments.

“For me this is an important contract,” said trump.

In response to the question whether he plans to discuss this issue with Putin, trump said Yes — “if and when we meet”. According to the American leader, in his chart are scheduled to meet with Russian.

Putin and trump had not met before. The President of Russia twice called Trump after winning the last elections and expressed willingness to meet in person. However, Putin aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters this week that a specific date “are not considered.”

Referring to China, trump said that Beijing can solve the problem of threats to national security from North Korea “with ease if you want it”, if increase the pressure on incumbent all the more challenging Pyongyang.

Trump said he was “very angry” with North Korea experiencing ballistic missiles, and added that the strengthening of missile defense of allies of America as represented by South Korea and Japan — one of many possible answers.