Will experience trump-businessman to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians?

In recent months, trump has repeatedly stated that he views the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, as a business transaction, which should be enclosed. “America’s desire to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians has remained strong over the last fifty years,” reads the official statement of the press service of the White house, published a few days ago. Some time ago, trump introduced his son-in-law Jared Kushner as “a wonderful person” and added: “If he can’t reach the world no one can… All my life I heard it was the most difficult deal in the world, and I admit it, but I have a feeling that Jared will be able to do a great job.”

Controversial reputation trump-businessman (from the successful to the inept) is known around the world. Books written by him, praising his business talents produced in the past repeatedly. For example, in his book “the Art of doing business,” trump offers 11 steps to achieving a successful deal or a successful business, think big; to protect the weak places in the business — the strengths manifest themselves; to have the maximum number of options; studying the market; to use leverage; improve the location of the business; inform others; to be able to fight; to deliver the promised goods; to take into account the cost of production. And the most important tip: have fun doing business.

After this book was published, and others, in which the author admitted his mistakes in business, as well as their infidelity and Affairs (which are not prevented from doing business). Anyway, analyzing all the known methods and skills of the trump in the field of business — to try to understand how it will operate in the middle East, we notice the absence of one important from the point of view of the President, to the business relations: how trump will negotiate between Israelis and Palestinians, if he is not one of the two parties concerned?

All of your current concepts that trump is trying to move in international diplomacy, he formed within the sphere of personal economic interests. In all that he did, trump has always been one of the interested parties. However, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he is going to come in as a third party. His interests in this area is not direct, but indirect. What happens if the former businessman and current President, who considers himself an outstanding expert in the field of business contacts, will refer to the table of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, two of its advocates (future Ambassador David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt’s)? This group of people all his life engaged in commercial transactions which were beneficial only to one side.

Even if the United States under the control of trump consider themselves to be an absolute supporter of only one side — Israel and the Palestinians did agree to sit down at the negotiating table, it will not solve anything. After all, trump never made a deal for others if it did not promise financial gain for himself.