Closed for flights airport Vilnius was turned into a drive-in theater: showed

In the airport of Vilnius showed the movie

The drive-in theater on the apron at the airport of Vilnius. Photo: airport of Vilnius

After the abolition of coronavirus almost all flights to Vilnius airport, which last fall originally advertised, became a place of attraction for movie lovers – on the platform on Wednesday evening, opened a drive-in theater. This was reported by the portal “Baltic course”.

“We are always searching for new unique locations and experiences. About the airport we wanted for a long time, but the opportunity is only now, when the aircraft stood still,” said the organizer of the drive-in, Director of film festival Kino pavasaris Algirdas Ramashka.

At the first session of the drive-in to watch the Korean film “Parasites” on the screen size of a five-story house gathered several hundreds of guests. But soon to sell tickets to everyone.

Ramashka said that to open a drive-in at the airport it was necessary to legally change the boundaries of the airport, to resolution, to the frequency FM, so that the audience could listen to the sound in my car. However, the experiment was considered a success and now discussing the possibility of opening the chocolates at other airports of Lithuania.

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